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S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

Posted by k-Pack, 07 November 2018 · 247 views

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

A.K.A. Invention #8
Still working with Atari BASIC to create the sounds.  This time a couple of FOR-NEXT loops were added to give a little attack and decay to the notes before it was compiled.  The Program does some pretty strange things to the notes when used with a MIDI KEYBOARD but works OK as long as a note get turned off before the next NOTEON command.  Luckily the MIDI Music System does this.
Attached File  Two Part Invention in F Major.mp3 (1.5MB)
downloads: 30
Music File origin:  INVENT08.MUS 
                                   - entered from sheet music
Control Computer: 130XE
      Sequencer Software:  MIDI Music System by Lee Actor
      MIDI out: MIDIMAX
Sound Source:
       Atari 800
           MIDI in: Arduino Software: MonoSyn_1voice. ino
           Monitor output to mixer
           Software: ATARI01B.OBJ - MMG compiled Atari BASIC program
Mixer:  Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX
              Mic One input - Atari 800 monitor port
              FX : 14 - Mid Room 2
Recorder:  PC - Audacity 2.1.2
                           File: Two Part Invention in F Major.aup
                           Sound Edit
                           - Sync tracks and trim
                           - Normalized tracks
                           - adjust volume on track 2 (voice 2)
                           - Pan 10% right and left
                           - Fade out on last note
Attached File  TRACK03_atr.zip (7.3KB)
downloads: 23

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