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Ablogalypse Now

Bought my house 1 year ago.

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 28 September 2018 · 131 views

It has been a busy year for me. The whole process of purchasing a home, looking back was a lot of hard work. Dealing with the bank, setting up inspections, settling the lease on my apartment, and prepping the home for me to move in. I had like a 1 week window from closing, to do some interior painting and lay new carpet on the main floor. 


Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 15 August 2018 · 180 views

I've had GTA V for the Xbone just sitting on my shelf for years now, with only sparse time invested in it. I thought I would give it
another try this past weekend, and realized I just can't play this game and have fun. So, I'm going to sell it in my upcoming garage sale.
There were a couple of thoughts that came to mind immediately. I didn't care f...

Atari Jaguar. I just want to play and talk about the games, Man.

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 16 September 2012 · 852 views

Remember when the big problem with the Jaguar forum was people (trolls) who absolutely hated the system? You couldn't talk about your favorite games, or the best strategies for any games without these trolls derailing the threads with their opinion on how much everything Jaguar related sucks.

Well, it certainly seems as though the original trolls, aka...

King of Breakout 2000

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 06 September 2012 · 584 views

A few years ago, somewhere around 2006 I posted a very high score here at AA for this game, and then in 2010 some guy named Atardi busted that record. Now after 2 years I finally have regained the top spot as undisputed best Breakout 2000...

From: WTB: Lynx Super Off-Road, Double Dragon complete

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 25 August 2010 · 478 views

Looking to buy complete, excellent condition copies of Super Off-Road and Double Dragon for the Lynx. I am looking for 2 copies of Super Off-Road and am paying up to $60 each for an excellent condition, complete game/s. I will pay the same amount for Double Dragon in awesome condition as well. I will pay $30 for loose copies of each game. Prefer...