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Bought my house 1 year ago.

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 28 September 2018 · 212 views

It has been a busy year for me. The whole process of purchasing a home, looking back was a lot of hard work. Dealing with the bank, setting up inspections, settling the lease on my apartment, and prepping the home for me to move in. I had like a 1 week window from closing, to do some interior painting and lay new carpet on the main floor. 
Then I had to buy new appliances for the kitchen, including the fridge, stove and dishwasher. I had to do so many upkeep things, we had to fix the roof due to a leak around the chimney. Once major repairs were completed, me and the girlfriend began the process of painting the kitchen  walls and cabinets, painting the dining room, also remodeling the bathroom. Mind you, the house wasn't unlivable, but it really needed fresh paint and decorations all throughout.
Now, I'm beginning perhaps the last leg of general renovations, and that's to paint the basement, which is fully livable as is. Again though, it needs fresh paint, perhaps new carpet in the basement living room, which is my gameroom. The nice thing here is that I can look for cheaper materials, like mistake paints, and offcut cheap carpet. I would like to add some major pieces to the gameroom, like one of those cocktail or upright arcade cabinets with 1162 roms on it. Those are kind of expensive on Amazon, I'd like a cheaper solution, but I also do appreciate how nice those expensive cabs are, so I don't know.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to finishing up painting this fall/winter then I can really enjoy the house more when I don't have to come home from work everyday and do more housework.

It seems like I've been painting the entire time I've been here. Slowly but surely the entire interior is being painted by me and my girlfriend. It takes time to get the right colors, and to carefully do this crap. I'm now working on the basement, so it's going to be done this winter I'm hoping. I just work on it a little bit at a time, when I get home from work, I'll put about an hour into it while I have my work clothes on anyway.


This is the big payoff as my basement gameroom is getting the business now.

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