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Atari Jaguar. I just want to play and talk about the games, Man.

Posted by Nuclear Pacman, 16 September 2012 · 898 views

Remember when the big problem with the Jaguar forum was people (trolls) who absolutely hated the system? You couldn't talk about your favorite games, or the best strategies for any games without these trolls derailing the threads with their opinion on how much everything Jaguar related sucks.

Well, it certainly seems as though the original trolls, aka Jag haters, finally decided to quit wasting time in the Jaguar forum. Then came all the homebrew development and programming discussion. You guys in this group have pretty much brought the entire Jaguar 'community' down to a despicable level, with vicious attacks against one-another like two venomous snakes snapping and hissing.

I guess I'm just frustrated that no matter what, Jaguar discussions are rarely rooted in fun, and often turn to defensive attacks against numerous groups of people. I tend to think that the original Jag hating trolls of the early times, put every fanboy Jag fan among us (including myself) on an ultra-defensive stance with the console. I think the defensiveness just kind of carried over into the homebrew scene right from the get-go. So, we still have lots of fighting, but it's not against Jag-haters, it's infighting, which is worse.

To be honest I'm not all that worked up about the homebrew scene, I mean as far as Jaguar homebrews go, I'm not very impressed, so all this bickering seems all very strange to me, over what amounts to overly simplistic, and actually some embarrassing games that don't make the Jaguar look good in any technical aspects, save Battlesphere.

I just want to talk about the games, Man.

The Jaguar "community" has always been special.
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I just purchased my first Jaguar...it hasn't arrived yet, but I should be up and running in my new house (and much larger game room) sometime in the next two weeks!

I bought a boxed system and about 12 boxed games. I am excited (and nervous...$400 later) to play it, as I have never even seen one in person before...much less played one. I hope I enjoy it... I know the system has gotten mixed reviews over the years, but I am more than willing to give it a shot! I can't imagine it would be any worse than the 3D0, and I really enjoy certain games on that console. Wish me luck!!!
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I've got a pretty sizable Jaguar collection myself, including a few of the rarer gems for the system (Breakout 2000, Iron Soldier II, JagCD and Pro Controller, etc). I don't have much time for games these days, but when I do, I still enjoy firing up the Jag.

I've said this elsewhere, but in my opinion, the Jaguar library breaks down more or less as follows: about 25% of its games are "great to good", 30% are "average", and 45% are "mediocre to awful". Most Jaguar fans are in agreement about the "mediocre to awful" category, so if you read the reviews, you'll have a good idea of how to target the good games while avoiding the bad ones.
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The thing about the Jaguar's games, when I think of the term 'video game', the Jag has a few of these really, really awesome video games that are the purest form of the term. It has some of the best 'video games' of all time IMHO. I could justify owning the system just on Tempest 2000 alone.
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I got a jag but no av cables and nes coaxial's decided not to work. Any where i could get them for a cheap price.
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