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Monitor Controls All, ThinCade: (part 5)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 09 March 2019 · 51 views
Mame, Pi zero, arcade, DIY
Keep in mind, though the cost is fairly low for the parts, much of my time and energy went into research for the most efficient (i.e. cost effective) way to connect and power everything. I really didn’t want a bunch of different power supplies for all the different piece of the build. 
The monitor is the key to the whole system. The main...

Bosconian side done, ThinCade: (part 4)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 13 January 2019 · 135 views

The Bosconian portion of the my first ThinCade pair is done. I still have to finish the Robotron side of the pair. There really isn't much to these. Most of the work is the cabinet itself. You can see what I mean when you see the inside of the cabinet. This was my first attempted at making an arcade video game and I learned a lot. So hopefully Robotron wi...

Art of Bosconian, ThinCade: (part 3)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 18 December 2018 · 157 views

Unfortunately, I really started this project long before I decided I was going to set-up a blog. Which means I don’t have pics of the entire Bosconian build. Here’s a pic from when I was about 75% done with Bosconian side of the project:

A lot of time went into creating the marquee, control panel overlay, bezel, kick art and s...

Coin Doors DIY?, ThinCade: (part 2)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 12 December 2018 · 132 views

To buy or make a coin door?
It seems simple. The easiest choice at first seems to be “buy” the coin doors. After looking at a few, the best price I found was about $30-35.00 and that was for beat up coin doors. I would still need to restore them enough to make them look good.
Then I thought, it sure would be nice to have the coin...

Arcade Buttons, ThinCade Project (Robotron 2084)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 07 December 2018 · 168 views

I know this may seem like a really small detail that shouldn’t matter, but I’ve decide to see what I can do about the Robotron player select buttons.
For those that don’t know, the proper player select buttons on Robotron are translucent blue and they light up. The problem is, no one makes true replacement arcade buttons like thes...

ThinCade: DIY arcade project. (part 1)

Posted by pboland, in ThinCade 28 November 2018 · 180 views

This long term project is to make my own arcade machines, but I have some limitations.
Back story: I own six arcade machines currently that I lucked into back in 2007. None of them worked. By 2010 I got all of them working. I did the work myself. The truth is I really don’t have the money or space to be in this hobby, but I stil...

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