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WIP release

Posted by mksmith, in News, Tower of Rubble 14 January 2019 · 58 views

I've posted a first WIP release of my take on Tower of Rubble for the Atari 2600 using batari Basic and DPC+.
Been really enjoying programming a game again after not doing so for quite a period of time. Still have a few things to knock off (especially sound which I'm dreading).  Probably another few weeks to finish.

Bit of progress

Posted by mksmith, in Tower of Rubble 04 January 2019 · 92 views

So after a few more days of work i've now got a new titlescreen with some scrolling text and flashing colors (bank6 now full!), a more varied and colored tileset (still not sure of the colors yet) and the first beam/lazer?? dropping blocks.  I've had to re-arrange stuff and play around to try and get access to certain things across a couple of banks....

Animation engine

Posted by mksmith, in Code, Tower of Rubble 29 December 2018 · 67 views

As discussed in the previous blog post, i am interested in a reasonably reusable animation engine which allows me to call a SetAnimation function to initialise a new animation then use generic UpdateAnimation and DrawAnimation functions to process it regardless of what i need animating. I need to set the total frames, the speed of the animation (by scree...

Started a game

Posted by mksmith, in Tower of Rubble 27 December 2018 · 88 views
So over the past week or so I've started a new game in batariBasic based on Tower of Rubble! Actually not too long after starting I saw that another user had also started their own version - looking forward to seeing what can be done in 4k with someone who appears to know what they are doing!  
I've been putting this together in DPC+ and...

batariBasic DPC+ starting template

Posted by mksmith, in Code 17 December 2018 · 79 views
I've created a template for batariBasic containing a basic game structure with the following features:
DPC+ kernal
Utilising multiple banks
Title screen (bank6), play screen (bank 2), game over screen (bank 3)
Pause mode (bank 3) - using B&W switch

This is an adaption of the ex_title_screen_and_game_over.bas generously created by the following peopl...

New adventures

Posted by mksmith, in News 17 December 2018 · 79 views

Well this has come a surprise over the past 6 months. Earlier this year I picked up a C64 and 1541 II off eBay having started watching a number of retro videos in the period proceeding that purchase. All of a sudden I was back into my youth playing some classic games from the past - much to the probable annoyance of my wife and kids (I'd previously planne...

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