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You Can Decide The Fate Of My Youtube Channel

Posted by cessnaace, 21 April 2019 · 52 views
You Can Decide The Fate Of My Youtube Channel I went AWOL on my Youtube account https://www.youtube....user/cessnaace/  several years ago due to illness, injury, and a dead computer. While I was AWOL my account stayed constant at an average of 1,828 subscribers. Since my return not only have I not gained any new subscribers, I've lost a handful of the ones that I already had. This probably...

Home Brew Desires #1

Posted by cessnaace, 18 April 2019 · 45 views
Home Brew Desires, Lee Actor and 8 more...
Home Brew Desires #1 OK, another series within' my Blog here. So sue me (no, don't do that). There are so many Home Brews, Hacks, and Reproductions that I keep running across that I don't own for my collection. I want physical copies of these games but they seem to no longer be available. How have I discovered these no-longer available gems? Well, there are several ways actua...

Feeding My Atari #4; Home Brew Report #2; PAL Atari Log #2

Posted by cessnaace, 17 April 2019 · 56 views
Atari 2600 Games, PAL Exclusive and 7 more...
Feeding My Atari #4; Home Brew Report #2; PAL Atari Log #2 Well, it's finally happened. I received an Invoice from Packrat Video Games for 2 of the games that I ordered. But there are additional games that I have ordered from them. There's Important news on the Packrat front further down the page.
For the first order of business I'd like to make mention of a PAL Exclusive that I received the other day fro...

Game Review #8: Tapeworm

Posted by cessnaace, 14 April 2019 · 56 views
Tapeworm, Atari 2600, Game Review and 3 more...
Game Review #8: Tapeworm Game: Tapeworm
System: Atari 2600/VCS/Sears Video Arcade
Publisher : Spectravision
Catalog Number : SA-205
Programmer: ?
Cartridge Size:  ?
Copyright: 1982
I like to credit the programmer when I do a review, but I couldn't find out who it was through my research. 
Genre: Snake
Controller: Joystick (Sega Game Pad Compatible)

Atari PAL Log #1

Posted by cessnaace, 13 April 2019 · 50 views
PAL Compatibility, HES, Bit Corp and 4 more...
Atari PAL Log #1 Or, Atari PAL Log: My Experiences Playing PAL Games On My NTSC Atari #1  Kind of a long title for an on-going series, so I shortened it a tad bit.
I know that I can't possibly be the only one living in an NTSC country collecting PAL releases for their Atari, so I thought that I'd share my experiences with these games. Oh, I've only begun...

Home Brew Report: Packrat Video Games For Your Atari

Posted by cessnaace, 12 April 2019 · 97 views
Atari 2600, Home Brew and 6 more...
Home Brew Report: Packrat Video Games For Your Atari There are a couple of new games coming for the 2600 from Packrat Video Games. RAM-Pong doesn't have any info on it yet, so I'll focus on the one that does. In fact I've already ordered a copy.  Funds are short at the moment for me and all but Packrat builds everything by hand and is a one-man operation, so hopefully he won't send an invoice to our P...

Game Review #7: Allia Quest

Posted by cessnaace, 09 April 2019 · 51 views
Allia Quest, Igor Barzilai and 5 more...
Game Review #7: Allia Quest Game: Allia Quest
System: Atari 2600/VCS/Sears Video Arcade
Publisher: Atari Age
Original Publisher: ebivision
Programmer: Igor Barzilai
Cartridge Size: 4K
Copyright: 2001
Genre: Shooter (Vertical)
Controller: Joystick (Sega Game Pad Compatible)
Players: 1
Rarity Rating: H (Home Brew)
In this review I will be borrowi...

Feeding My Atari: A Look Into The Future

Posted by cessnaace, 09 April 2019 · 101 views
Hunchy, Draconian and 8 more...
Feeding My Atari: A Look Into The Future Here's a sneak peak at the games that I have ordered, so they will probably appear in future installments of Feeding My Atari . And of course, future installments of Game Review . I currently have 5 Atari Age and 2 Pack Rat orders being processed, and some eBay stuff.
ATARI 2600 / HOME BREWS All Games From Ata...

My Youtube Channel Is Active Again

Posted by cessnaace, 04 April 2019 · 101 views
cessnnace, Atari Age, High Score
My Youtube Channel Is Active Again Just thought that I would mention that my Youtube channel cessnaace is again active. Ok, so I've just uploaded one new video. I'm currently limited to the use of my Smart Phone, but it's a start. Thanks to all who have commented to my video so far. Oh, most of the old videos are still up, but I received a Copyright Strike some time back and so that video...

Feeding My Atari #3

Posted by cessnaace, 02 April 2019 · 58 views
Feeding My Atari, cessnaace and 2 more...
Feeding My Atari #3 Not much added since my last entry, although I still have several Home Brew orders still being processed by Atari Age and Pack Rat Video Games, and a PAL standard 2-in-1 winging its way here from Germany.
Here's what I've just added. All are for the Atari 2600. All are purchases made via eBay: 
Bermuda Triang...