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Home Brew Report: Packrat Video Games For Your Atari

Posted by cessnaace, 12 April 2019 · 91 views

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Home Brew Report: Packrat Video Games For Your Atari

There are a couple of new games coming for the 2600 from Packrat Video Games. RAM-Pong doesn't have any info on it yet, so I'll focus on the one that does. In fact I've already ordered a copy.  Funds are short at the moment for me and all but Packrat builds everything by hand and is a one-man operation, so hopefully he won't send an invoice to our Pay Pal account until late next week.
Game: Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom
System: Atari 2600/VCS/Sears Video Arcade
Publisher: Packrat Video Games
Programmed by Andreas Gustafsson
Game Size: 8K
TV Type: NTSC or PAL
Controller: Joystick
Players: 1
Game Description from the Packrat site (I expect this will be in the manual as the story element)
You are Splorf, Space Corp Sanitation Engineer 5th Class, Lavatorial Division. A small yet vital cog in the corporate machine. You are good at your job.
The rumors have reached even the lowest levels of Methane Station; the harvest ships have brought disastrous news concerning the defensive system protecting Space Corp's interests from space pirates and fierce competitors!
"You there", a middle manager shouts at you, "Commander Splix needs a volunteer! Get your lazy plarp up to level 17 immediately!"
The rumours were true! Exploding gasteroids have damaged the disintegration fence above planet doom, and Commander Splix wants you to fix it! Repairman Splorf to the rescue...
It looks like it might be in the same style of play as Bell Hopper (itself a good game programmed by Tomas Härdin). You can't go by a single screenshot though, so it may be a shooter for all I know.
Price: Cartridge and Manual = $25
Limited Boxed Run = $40
The Limited Box Run is being limited to 100 copies, the first batch of which will be available exclusively at the Midwest
Gaming Classic. The remainder will be for sale on the Packrat Video Gaming site some time in late April (yes, I realize that I ordered a boxed copy before they are even available, but the Packrat site let me do it).
Here's a link to the game's page:
Packrat makes home brews and hacks for the Atari 2600, Vectrex, and Odyssey 2 / Videopac. I've noticed that some of their games are also available here at Atari Age, although some have different label art.

  • A-VCS-tec Challenge
  • Backfire
  • Dark Mage
  • Jammed
  • Okie Dokie
  • Skeleton+
  • This Planet Sucks!
I own Backfire and This Planet Sucks! I bought both from Atari Age. Strangely, Packrat's release of This Planet Sucks has no exclamation point in the title. Atari Age is faster at filling orders, but you can take your pick as to which to order from. Personally, I go with Atari Age, except for the games that are Packrat exclusives.
  • Astronomer (Ordered)*
  • Cosmic Bowling (Hack)
  • Dragon Chase (Hack)
  • Explosive Diarrhea (Ordered)
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Muncher
  • Packrat (Hack)
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom (Ordered)
  • Space Invaders Vector
  • Traffic Cop
 *Astronomer has been added to the database at http://highscore.com/