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Favorite Atari game

Posted by Omegasupreme, 17 April 2019 · 91 views

Atari 2600 games favorites collecting
Favorite Atari game

Just wondering what everyone's favourite 2600 game. Mine would have to be adventure.
This was the first game I bought with my own money also the first game I ever beat. Even today I get it out and play it it is still fun and on 3rd setting can still be a bit of a challenge. Bezerk would have to be my second favourite. I would say Pac man is my 3rd Yes don't kill me for that LOL. I just loved the game I got it for my birthday and was so excited my friends loved it too. Back when this was first released most people loved it I think today it gets a bad rap yes it did suck by today's standards but all in all I liked it.
any thoughts out there? 

Karate with friends beats anything else the Atari has to offer. Or anything listed by the person who comments below me. ;)

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Unless of course GoldLeader comments...Then Pay Attention!



It will vary by day sometimes...



Ya caught me on a Dark Cavern day...



Other choices include Space Rocks, Star Castle Arcade, Midnight Magic, Pitfall!,  Seaweed Assault, Pleiades, Yar's Revenge, Montezuma's Revenge, Demon Attack, TRON: Deadly Discs, and Frankenstein's Monster.

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I was always impressed by Enduro

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