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“You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.” - Han Solo

Posted by Mike Harris, 18 May 2019 · 30 views

Updated to v9 and free to download. I wish you guys would comment with your bug reports, ideas, thoughts.... Updated preliminary moving and placement of objects. You can now move most objects in level 1 - 3.  Map is fixed onto level one for simplicity.
3 keys, magnet, sword, chalice.
Place them in any room inside the worl...

Dragons and I don't mean the Mother InLaw

Posted by Mike Harris, 17 May 2019 · 38 views
I couldn't sleep so I revamped my Actors routine to match the new Treasures/Objects.
So when you enter or leave a room the Actors are left in their last positions.
Of course I had to show you the creatures....Nothing you have not seen before, certainly no Super Game creatures or objects are activated.  I have to leave something to disco...

The old Porkchop Express!

Posted by Mike Harris, 16 May 2019 · 42 views
The title of course has nothing to do with my entry.
New update coming soon.
As far as I can tell all mapping bugs have been fixed.
When I upload the new rom then you tell me what you find.
No more going through or getting stuck in walls.
Kids...This was a huge pain in the A%%.
The interesting thing is is when I finished and optimized...

Been a few days since updates.

Posted by Mike Harris, 15 May 2019 · 106 views

I rewrote my wall checks for t-states and removed the IY and IX registers which should also improve speed.
I also added an extra check so now walking through walls has been fixed in 4 directions.
As soon as I implement the 4 diagonal directions I will post another update for you to test.
Plenty of advice, some from Nanochess....thank...

Latest from ground Zero

Posted by Mike Harris, 06 May 2019 · 57 views

Subtle things about the 2600 Adventure that I had to confront.
My current game engine displays graphics similar to the 2600 in that I only have to draw half the rooms because they are mirrored in real time.  An issue comes with the original game because the black castle maze on level 2 and 3 is not mirrored the same but an offset.
So, f...

Day 2, everyone talks to me...

Posted by Mike Harris, 06 May 2019 · 81 views

If you don't get the Steven Wright jokes then don't worry about it.
  Today's Update includes a visual of old favorites. Rewrote/updated the object display and clear routine for t-states and added an extra byte so the bat/s can pick up objects and carry them.
The Bridge is not presently very impressive based on the limitation...

Day 1, still tired from the move.....

Posted by Mike Harris, 30 April 2019 · 280 views

The first 3 lines of my code.
; First attempt at real Colecovision Programing
; Adventure port from the Atari 2600 with due credit to Warren Robinett
; December 2, 2018 Start Date.
2 months, 5 versions and some 4,000 lines of Assembly Code later I have a bug ridden 80ish% completed game then the lull once I discovered that Quest For The Gold...