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Dragons and I don't mean the Mother InLaw

Posted by Mike Harris, in Adventure 17 May 2019 · 42 views


I couldn't sleep so I revamped my Actors routine to match the new Treasures/Objects.
So when you enter or leave a room the Actors are left in their last positions.
Of course I had to show you the creatures....Nothing you have not seen before, certainly no Super Game creatures or objects are activated.  I have to leave something to discover on your own.
So, in honor of the end of Game of Thrones I give you three dragons in all their "Hard on the Eyes" Glory.  And one bat.
Go South and to the East in what I labeled Room #3 on the internal Map.
Bumped to r8
Although I say left in their last positions, once they are animated they will travel about as in the original game.
They have paths and the Super Game you will be faced with at least two more dragons and another bat.

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The mention of dragons takes me 17 years back in time.

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