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I have forgotten to feed my fish...

Posted by Mezrabad, 31 March 2010 · 1,518 views
random babble and 1 more...
...I left my dog in the car with the windows up and all of the plants are dead. The stretching sound you hear is a metaphor being abused.

I've come to realize that it's taken me three years to get even halfway through 1980. Play-lag has reared it's ugly cliched head in this blog before, but now it has become actually detrimental to the experiment itself....

Night Driver (Atari VCS, 1980)

Posted by Mezrabad, 17 March 2010 · 1,380 views
Night Driver (Atari VCS, 1980)

First, a look at the arcade game that inspired the home version.

I believe that video is captured from the MAME version. The yellow car on the screen would have been an overlay in the arcade. The lights represent the glowing reflectors on the sides of a dark...

Dodge 'Em aka Dodger Cars (Atari VCS, 1980)

Posted by Mezrabad, 30 January 2010 · 1,187 views
Dodge 'Em aka Dodger Cars (Atari VCS, 1980)

This game is about an insane sonuvabitch who has no regard for your life, your passenger's life nor even his own life.

The playing field is a four-lane circular track. The player races around it collecting dots. The player may only change...

3D-Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari VCS, 1980)

Posted by Mezrabad, 23 January 2010 · 1,140 views
Off topic, but my Xbox Live name is Chronogamer. If you play 1 vs 100 Live on the Xbox 360, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Last night, I (with the help of my lovely and brilliant wife) came in third out of a crowd of 42,000 in a Live game and won myself a copy of RezHD! Yay! By the way, if you're an Xbox Live person, please...

Circus Atari (Atari VCS, 1980)

Posted by Mezrabad, 09 January 2010 · 1,089 views
Circus Atari (Atari VCS, 1980)

One of the inspirations for doing what I'm doing here (even though it's been progressively less frequent) is the fact that "back in the day" I didn't actually get to play most of these games. Intellivision? I know one person that had it, and I only ever saw AD&D in action-but never got to play...

In a nutshell, here's what's happening.

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