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Four-Play with Four-Levels

Posted by Zach, 10 June 2006 · 432 views


When you are finished trying out Conquest of Mars and the other MCG releases, check out the latest version of Four-Play with four difficulty levels.

Note some changes to the controls:
  • RESET now takes you to the title screen
  • FIRE does not switch sides anymore, but at the end of a game, resets the game at the current level.
  • To switch sides during a game, flip the LEFT DIFFICULTY switch. It's not effective during the thinking process. Again, you can use this feature to watch the computer play itself.
  • The COLOR B/W SWITCH controls randomization. Set to B/W to turn it off. This feature is for testing, and useful if you want to replay a game.
This version is getting close to complete. The only things left to do are tweaking the difficulty, more sound effects, bonus games, and of course, testing.

I'll appreciate feedback on difficulty. If you find Level 4 to be easy, about how long are you willing to wait between moves in order to be challenged? One minute? More?

Have fun![attachment=1152:attachment]

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Much better!

1:0 :)
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While reviewing the AI code, I found that the time to calculate moves was needlessly slow. After the fix not only could I make the game run faster, but with the extra speed I was able to introduce a higher difficulty level. The changes are as follows: level 1 and 2 calculate the same moves as before, but operate faster. The new level 3 plays the same as the previous level 4, but faster. The new level 4 is more difficult than ever. I will post the latest version to the homebrew forum soon.
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