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Somewhat less blingy

Posted by Nathan Strum, 11 March 2018 · 92 views
Video Game Ramblings
About a year-and-a-half ago, I posted about a couple of Lynx upgrades I bought - McWill's excellent replacement screen , and SainT's Micro SD multicart .
When repairing my 2600 last year , I ordered a bunch of parts from Best Electronics - chips, joystick repair kits, and so on. Also, I added one of their Lynx replacement speakers . Now - my spea...

Return of the bling!

Posted by Nathan Strum, 10 March 2018 · 165 views
Video Game Ramblings
A year ago I finally fixed my original Sears 2600. It had kicked the bucket in 2011, and after making do with a donor board for a couple of years, I finally got my original board working again by swapping out the 6507 and RIOT, plus installing Mojoatomic's re-cap kit . So I had my original 2600 (plus a CyberTech S-Video mod) all up and running again!...

Yet even more further still behind

Posted by Nathan Strum, 21 February 2018 · 159 views
Video Game Reviews
These showed up yesterday:
Yeah... I know. Now I'm even further behind with my reviews. :roll:
But it is nice to finally get my hands on some of the games I worked on. :)
(I didn't have anything to do with Epic Adventure. But it's on my list of games to review.)

eBay splurge

Posted by Nathan Strum, 03 February 2018 · 201 views
Video Game Ramblings
With Pong being prominently mentioned in a couple of forum threads recently, I just had to pick up a Pong console off eBay...
I wanted one of the Sears Tele-Games models, because those were the first ones sold (I have no idea of this one's actual manufacturing date however).
This o...