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iBlog 4

Posted by Nathan Strum, in iBlogs 11 March 2014 · 2,120 views

I really, really like my iPad Mini . In the year since I bought it, I've used it far more than I ever expected to. So much so, that my iPhone's use dropped way off. I almost never play games on my iPhone anymore (unless it's the only iDevice with me), and only surf the 'net with it if I don't have Wi-Fi access (or again, if the iPhone's all I have with...

iBlog 3

Posted by Nathan Strum, in iBlogs 13 March 2013 · 2,062 views

No, I haven't already replaced my iPhone 5 . Quite to the contrary, I've added another iDevice to keep it company: an iPad Mini .

I recently did some freelance stuff at work, so between that and the Apple gift card I got for recycling my iPhone 3GS , I had enough money to (mostly) cover the cost.

I hadn't really planned to buy an iPad, but the more I t...

iBlog 2

Posted by Nathan Strum, in iBlogs 05 October 2012 · 3,100 views

So I finally bit the bullet, and bought a new cellphone:


Man... I love those commercials. "The HerniaMate™ 2000! Pick one up (if you can) now!" What's in that thing - a car battery?

Anyway, what I really bought was an iPhone 5. Hence, the start of iBlog 2, and the end of iBlog 1 . So long! It's been fun!

Well, fu...


Posted by Nathan Strum, in iBlogs 02 July 2009 · 9,202 views

So I've finally joined the rest of the world, and got myself an iPhone. Of course the first appropriately nerdy thing to do with it (after using its GPS to plan an alternate route around the traffic to get home from Northridge), was to type an entire blog entry with it. I must say I'm rather surprised at how well the virtual keyboard works - especially in...