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7800 Thoughts Are Making Me Happy

Although I've had an Atari 7800 for a long time, I didn't pay that much attention to the guts of it. I knew it could play most Atari 2600 games, but I didn't know until fairly recently that Atari 7800 games used the same sound chip as Atari 2600 games unless the POKEY sound chip is in the cart. I've heard people talk about the POKEY sound chip for years,...

I finally know what 'sky squiggles' are!

Posted by Random Terrain, 14 January 2009 · 3,310 views
I have been wondering since I was a kid about the hundreds or thousands of semi-invisible 'sky sperm' or 'sky tadpoles' or 'sky squiggles' that you see swimming around in front of your eyes if you stare at a bright blue sky. Some people will try to tell you that you are simply seeing floaters (what some might call 'sky amoebas' or 'sky worms') and that it...

One of my quotes is in a book

Posted by Random Terrain, 13 November 2008 · 617 views
I just found out the other day that one of my quotes is in a book called The Best Advice Ever Given . So I got it from the library to see for myself and it really is in there. Front cover:
 Page with my (Duane Alan Hahn) quote on it:

   Update (2019y_05m_19d)  My name or web site seems to be in more books:

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