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Atari VCS Ad (December 1980)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600_Ads, Atari_2600 28 May 2017 · 748 views

This Atari 2600 VCS ad was in the December 1980 issue of Playboy.
No other video game stacks up to Atari.
You can’t top Atari for fun.
In fact, the Atari Video Computer System is so much fun you'll want to play it all the tim...

Atari VCS Ad (January 1979)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600_Ads, Atari_2600 28 May 2017 · 600 views

This Atari 2600 VCS ad was in the January 1979 issue of Playboy.
Don't watch TV tonight. Play it!
We're the games you play on your own TV set. We're the Atari Video Computer System. (Remember "Pong...

Seaweed Assault Code Is on the bB Page

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600, batari_Basic_(Atari_2600) 28 January 2016 · 619 views

It took almost 2 months, so I'm very happy to be done cleaning up the code for Seaweed Assault:

It was tedious work, but I'm glad I did it so it will be easier for me to adapt some of the code for other programs. Now it's time to get Gyvolver finished.

Back to Gyvolver (Atari 2600 WIP)

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600, batari_Basic_(Atari_2600) 03 January 2016 · 775 views

I've been cleaning up the code for Seaweed Assault so I can put it on the batari Basic page and ideas about Gyvolver (the unfinished scrolling game from 2008 ) have been popping into my head. It could take the rest of January before the Seaweed Assault code is ready for people to see, so I thought I'd post this to help get Gyvolver off my brain for t...

Seaweed Assault Price Reduction

Posted by Random Terrain, in batari_Basic_(Atari_2600), Atari_2600 20 November 2015 · 559 views

For those who have been waiting for a price reduction before buying Seaweed Assault for the Atari 2600, your wait is over:
Seaweed Assault reviews: RGCD , 8-bit Central .
If enough people buy a copy, it will pay for my AtariAge subscription that expires on Decemb...

Stella Custom TV Effects Settings

Posted by Random Terrain, in Personal_Stuff, Atari_2600 29 March 2015 · 825 views

I have a new Windows 8 computer and have been trying to get everything set up the way it was on my Windows 7 PC. I knew that I made a screenshot of my Stella TV Effects settings, so I went searching Manage Attachments under My Settings here at AtariAge and finally found it on page 26:

Those settings make games look more like they did whe...

Able to Test batari Basic Games on a Real TV Again

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600, batari_Basic_(Atari_2600), Personal_Stuff 17 October 2014 · 754 views

After getting a smaller computer desk a couple of years ago, I no longer had room for my little color TV. I had to jump through hoops to make my Atari 2600 work with the LCD HDTV that I use with my computer and Xbox 360. It looked OK, but it wasn't the same as 'normal' TV.
My sister was getting rid of her 20 inch flat screen TV since she moved on t...

7800 Thoughts Are Making Me Happy

Although I've had an Atari 7800 for a long time, I didn't pay that much attention to the guts of it. I knew it could play most Atari 2600 games, but I didn't know until fairly recently that Atari 7800 games used the same sound chip as Atari 2600 games unless the POKEY sound chip is in the cart. I've heard people talk about the POKEY sound chip for years,...

Seaweed Assault is in the AtariAge Store

Posted by Random Terrain, in Atari_2600, batari_Basic_(Atari_2600) 28 October 2013 · 957 views

Here's a link to the store page:
Here are two reviews:
8-bit Central
I hope this won't be the first and last game of mine to get into the AtariAge store. I'd like to make more games, including a semi-original adventure game, but with the DP...

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