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For whom it may concern

Revision 2018

Posted by Thomas Jentzsch, 03 April 2018 · 497 views

After participating  in 2015 myself and therefore starting to watch it for the first time, the Revision  demoparty has become a fixed date in my schedule. So I did spend Eastern watching the Revision 2018  via Twitch live stream (and YouTube for the too late events).
And it was a blast again! Not all compos, but most of them. Besides...

Neutral line interruption! Beware!

Posted by Thomas Jentzsch, 27 February 2017 · 832 views

Last Wednesday morning I smelled some burned rubber in the kitchen. But I was unable to detect the origin. A few minutes later, my whole flat lost power. Since all my fuses where on, I thought about a power loss in the building. But the light outside my building was OK. So I informed my landlord who send an electrician pretty immediately.

Hello blog world!

Posted by , 01 May 2014 · 2,341 views
Damned Tag Clouds
This is my first blog ever and probably will be the only one for quite a while. There is only one reason why I created it and I will show you... soon. Stay tuned! http://www.atariage..../icon_smile.gif

After 9 years, my next PC

Posted by Thomas Jentzsch, 01 September 2012 · 2,817 views

Looks like my new games take about as long as it takes to make me buy new hardware. :)

So I spend the last days to browse the Internet and magazines to select the components for my new PC. Didn't think this would be any fun anymore, but it turned out to...

When walls come tumbling down

Posted by Thomas Jentzsch, 16 June 2009 · 4,340 views
Private Stuff, Damned Tag Clouds
Ok, it was "only" a big rack.

Yesterday morning, just a few minutes before I had to get up, I woke up by a loud crack noise followed by a big rumble right beside me.

When I switched on the light, I saw this. Sometimes collecting computer magazines can be dangerous... http://www.atariage....icon_ponder.gif


RIP Mama

Posted by Thomas Jentzsch, 28 August 2008 · 1,789 views
Private Stuff
Ursula Jentzsch
02.05.1940 - 28.08.2008

Berlin, Berlin!

Posted by , 23 February 2006 · 1,848 views
Private Stuff, Damned Tag Clouds
Wir fahren nach Berlin! :)Just got a positive reply from FiFa for a ticket Brasil vs. Croatia in Berlin! YES!

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