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Sync Pop

Posted by SpiceWare, 21 February 2018 · 293 views

Last night Nathan asked if I could create a 2600 sync pop program to aid in his creation of AtariAge YouTube videos .  The program does a 10 second countdown starting at 9:59 seconds.  When it hits 2:59 it displays a red square and generates a tone for a single frame.  He included this mockup:




New New Toy

Posted by SpiceWare, 24 September 2017 · 388 views

A little over 8 years ago I'd picked up an Acer Aspire One netbook to replace an old Thinkpad T22.  I set it up with Ubuntu and it worked quite well, though the battery had worn out over the years and needed to be plugged in all the time.
At the start of September I'd moved it, then gently tossed the barrel plug of the power adaptor towards t...

extra hardware!

Posted by SpiceWare, 11 December 2016 · 1,144 views

Received a question via Messager that I'm going to reply to here as others may find it interesting as well:
Long story short, extra hardware in the cartridge.  
Short story long, one or more of the following are added into the cartridge:

Extra ROM
When the Atari was designed ROM was expensive so they only...

still repainting the house

Posted by SpiceWare, 16 May 2016 · 730 views

In spite of the weather not cooperating:

we have made some headway!  New front door:

New board (on the left) has been painted.  The white lines aren't streaks in the paint, they're raindrops

This side looks done, but needs a second coat in a few spots:

Progress made on this side:

Not pictured are...

Repainting the house

Posted by SpiceWare, 10 May 2016 · 879 views

Thought for sure I'd be back into the 2600 by now, but been too busy with other things like household maintenance.
Started off by sanding the garage door to get rid of a small amount of rust.  Primed the previously rusty areas with Rust-oleum, then put an additional primer coat of Killz over the entire door as the paint had faded in an odd way...

Block apps in Facebook

Posted by SpiceWare, 13 September 2015 · 917 views

Just a followup to this old blog entry  on how to block applications from your Facebook stream.
On the top-right of the Facebook page is a triangle shaped menu, click on it then click on Settings :

Select Blocking from the list of options on the left:

Scroll down to find the section titled Block apps :


Coastal A's and Rods 23rd Annual Fun Run

Posted by SpiceWare, 25 May 2015 · 728 views

Coastal A's and Rods has a street rod event event, known as the Fun Run, down in Corpus Christi for Memorial Day Weekend.  
My brother-in-law Eric entered the Big Hot Wheels Toy that they brought up for the Houston Art Car Parade .  They won the Kids Choice award :thumbsup:


Posted by SpiceWare, 24 September 2014 · 1,097 views

Need to pick up some longer cables - to drive the second monitor from the MacBook Pro I'd been using a DisplayLink USB->DVI adaptor that had some decent length due to there being a USB and  a DVI cable on either side of the adaptor.  Now it's just the DVI cable with a short Mini DisplayPort->DVI adaptor.  I had to remove t...

Alternative way to hold a writing instrument

Posted by SpiceWare, 22 June 2014 · 2,026 views

I saw in Random Terrain's recent blog post  that his hand cramps up when holding a pen or pencil.
Around 1980 I noticed a friend who held her pencil in an odd looking way so I asked her about it. It was the way they taught her to hold it at a school she used to attend before moving to McHenry, Illinois.
Always open to new things, I deci...

My next car?

Posted by SpiceWare, 27 January 2014 · 984 views

I love my 2005 S2000 , but it's starting to get a little long in tooth.  I'd buy another in a heartbeat (I had a 2002 ), but Honda discontinued them in 2009  :sad:   I headed out to the Houston Auto Show this past weekend to take a look at what's out there as I don't really know what I want.  It was taking forever to get into the...

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