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The modern View-Master

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 20 December 2015 · 2,229 views

As some of you may know, I'm a fan of The Expanse series by James S. A. Corey.  SyFy commissioned a series based on it, which started airing last week.  If you missed it, the first 4 episodes are available online at SyFy's site.
Last month I noticed the companion VR app for iOS and Android, so decided to download it and check it out....


Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 02 July 2008 · 1,012 views

Yep, this review is out of order due to it having been the game for HSC Season 5 Week 42. If you're not currently taking part of the 2600 High Score Club then I highly recommend you check it out as you'll get exposed to...

Gingerbread Man

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 23 December 2007 · 1,941 views

Gingerbread Man, by Fred Quimby

In the Gingerbread Man you take on the title role of the classic children's tale and must make your way through 20 levels to earn your freedom.

The game consists of 5 distinct levels, with well varied goals for each. In level 1 you find yourself in the oven and must pick up pieces of other baked goods...

Toyshop Trouble

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 22 December 2007 · 697 views

Reviews are back in action! The couple of opportunities mentioned before are a new job with Spacedesign where I'm working on software used in the space industry, and Stay Frosty, one of the games in Stella's...

Reviews on Hiatus

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 01 November 2007 · 1,062 views

I've had a couple interesting opportunities come up that's going to delay further reviews for a bit, possibly until early next year.

2005 Minigame Multicart

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 21 October 2007 · 785 views

2005 Minigame Multicart,

The 2005 MiniGame MultiCart is a collection of 7 games from the 2005 MiniGame competition. All these games are 1K, with the exception of M-4 which clocks in at 4K. As such, these games are an exercise in minimalism and reminded me a lot of the BASIC games I wrote on my...

Reindeer Rescue

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 14 October 2007 · 730 views

Reindeer Rescue, by Bob Montgomery

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas Time once again at Atari Age and, like last year, you've been tapped to take on the role of good ol' St. Nick! This year your reindeer have been kidnapped(fawnnapped?) and you've got to rescue them in time for Christmas Eve!

Reindeer Rescue is the...

AtariVox Speech Synthesizer

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 07 October 2007 · 3,812 views

AtariVox Speech Synthesizer, by Richard Hutchinson

When the Atari reigned supreme, there was something other systems had that it didn't - voice synthesis in the form of The Voice for the Odyssey 2 and Intellivoice for Intellivision. With digitized sound, kids today can't imagine what it was like when arcade games first added speech, and...

Holiday Qb

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 04 October 2007 · 813 views

Holiday Qb, by Andrew Davie

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's Christmas Time at Atari Age and you've been tapped to take on the role of good ol' St. Nick! For some reason, instead of preparing for Christmas Eve, you're solving puzzles by sliding blocks while collecting goodies and avoiding baddies.

Holiday QB is the holiday cart...

Krokodile Cartridge

Posted by SpiceWare, in Reviews 02 October 2007 · 1,001 views

Krokodile Cartridge, by Armin Vogl

As a developer, emulation is great in that it allows you to quickly test your VCS creations on a computer system. The only downfall is that no matter how good the emulation is, it's not yet 100% accurate. I found this out the hard way when writing Medieval Mayhem - a change that worked just fine on the...

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