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Thanks Richard!

Posted by SpiceWare, in Vectrex, VecMulti MenuMaker 02 April 2014 · 1,266 views

For my work on porting MenuMaker to the Mac, Richard H. sent me one of his 3D printed cartridge shells for my VecMulti.  



MenuMaker 0.2

Posted by SpiceWare, in Vectrex, VecMulti MenuMaker 31 March 2014 · 834 views

Did some minor code cleanup and added the snazzy new icon from Nathan Strum!

Program with Source for Lazarus .

MenuMaker 0.1

Posted by SpiceWare, in Vectrex, VecMulti MenuMaker 13 March 2014 · 1,242 views

Double click the icon to start.  Nathan's signed on to create an updated icon.  The one I'm currently using is a bit fuzzy - it's the 32x32 icon from the Windows version of MenuMaker.

Click on the Folder Picker icon (top-right).

Then select your SD Card.

The Windows version requires your games to...

VecMulti MenuMaker coming soon for Mac

Posted by SpiceWare, in VecMulti MenuMaker, Vectrex 11 March 2014 · 1,681 views

To try out HEX , a new Vectrex homebrew, I discovered I had to use one of my work systems to run the MenuMaker.
I don't like to do that, so I contact Richard H. to see if there was a Mac version and if not if I could port it.  There's not, so he sent me his Delphi code so I could see what needed to be done.
I'm not familiar with De...

New toy

Posted by SpiceWare, in Vectrex 17 October 2012 · 874 views

I've wanted a Vectrex ever since they came out - 30 years later I finally got one.  I won it yesterday on eBay and was surprised when it arrived today via UPS!  Turns out the seller is located in Beaumont, a mere 84 miles to the east of Houston.

The unit came with...

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