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Another Drobo 5D capacity increase

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 14 September 2014 · 82 views

My 6TB drive arrived!  When I took it out of the box it was heavier than I expected.  Per Amazon the 6TB is 1.9 pounds while the 4TB is 1.6 .
Before  Status:

Before Capacity:

Before Usage:

After Status:

After Capacity:

After Usage:

My storage on...

new TiVo Mega - 6 tuners, 24 TB storage

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 09 September 2014 · 62 views

TiVo announces TiVo Mega, a rackmount DVR with six tuners and 24TB

The new TiVo can record up to 4,000 hours of HD or 26,000 hours of SD. Price hasn't been set, but they're estimating it to be around $5,000.

It sounds like a lot, but as a comparison my setup with 4 tuners and 5.4TB of storage cost $3084. Granted I have gone a little overboard ;) - the...

August Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 02 September 2014 · 131 views

Spent $69 in August on Doctor Who, Season 8  and Franklin & Bash, Season 4  which leaves me $82 in savings for the month.  Cumulative Savings now total $2390 with $694 left to pay off the hardware.
I have not yet bought a 6 TB drive.  I spotted this reply over in the Drobo Forums:
so I checked the Capacity Calcula...

117 Channels

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 18 August 2014 · 110 views

Escape and Grit are now broadcasting.


Escape & Grit

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 11 August 2014 · 158 views

A couple new channels are launching next week in about 35 markets.  

In Houston Escape will be found on 45.3 and Grit on 67.3. Both are new sub-channels, so I'll need to rescan to pick them up - will have to do that later as the mini is recording a show right now.

July Savings, larger drives

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 07 August 2014 · 162 views

No content purchases for July, though I did send PBS $60 (I've been watching a lot of their shows again) so I have $91 in savings for the month.  Cummulative Savings is now at $2308 while the balance to pay off the hardware is down to $776.
Now that I'm adding Blu-ray content  my Drobo is starting to fill up.

That might be of con...

NFL Sunday Ticket without satellite

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 16 July 2014 · 226 views

If true, this might help some people sitting on the fence decide to cut the cord.

June Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 08 July 2014 · 149 views

No content purchased in June so $151 in savings. Cumulative savings is now at $2217.

While I did buy a Blu-ray drive, it's for the Mac Pro I plan to purchase sometime during the next few months. As such, I'm not counting its price towards the DVR setup.

I did, however, buy a couple iOS software apps.   The InstaTV Pro software I'd purchased back in...

Another Networked HDTV Tuner sale at Woot!

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 22 June 2014 · 107 views

SiliconDust Streaming Boxes

Same boxes as last time:
$149.99 - Simple.TV
$119.99 - HDHomeRun PLUS
$ 79.99 - HDHomeRun DUAL  <-- this is what I'm using

They also had a fourth box, the HDHomeRunPrime , but it's already sold out. That box also wouldn't help if you're wanting to cut the cord as it's a cable tuner box.

Adding Blu-ray content

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 16 June 2014 · 216 views

I'm planning on getting a new computer later this year, and planned to get a Blu-ray drive for it. Last week Macworld posted an article on How to rip a Blu-ray , so I checked out OWC for Mac compatible drives and decided to buy one now rather than later. It connects via FireWire 800 (my current MacBook Pro) and USB 3 (new computer). It also comes with R...

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