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March Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 01 April 2014 · 134 views

Another month with no new content* so saved $151 in March for a cumulative savings of $1792.
I did have to buy a new Thunderbolt cable though, the one that came with the Drobo had a short . [s]That puts the hardware total at $2978, so the balance remaining is now $1186.  Should have included the DVD Superdrive - revised hardware total is $30...

Region 2 Redux

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 26 March 2014 · 122 views

About a year ago I obtained the series Blake's 7 on Region 2 DVDs .  I did so because they'd never released it in Region 1.  I was able to convert them for use on my Mac mini DVR system without any hassle.
I recently acquired another set of Region 2 DVDs, The Thin Blue Line  (the complete series for $13 - and that inc...

February Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 01 March 2014 · 666 views

No new content was purchased in February, so my $151 savings for the month leads to $1641 in cumulative savings.  $1306 left to pay off the DVR setup (mini, Drobo, antenna, etc).
Sad news - the free content from SyFy appears to be going away.  I'd started watch the new series Helix (I get an Aperture Science vibe from the show) and...


Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 11 February 2014 · 670 views

Spotted this last night while watching That '70s Show episode Leaving Home Ain't Easy .

The scene's supposed to be in late 1979 (there's only 2 episodes left, the last one takes place on December 31, 1979), the Commodore 64 was released in August 1982.

January Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 01 February 2014 · 678 views

January saw my largest outlay, $72, for content since canceling DirecTV.  I purchased Archer, Season 5  and King of the Nerds, Season 2  from iTunes.  I also picked up Breaking Bad season 4* when I saw the blu-ray collection on sale at Best Buy when I was there picking up a friend's birthday gift.
I know DirecTV woul...

Firmware update

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 25 January 2014 · 714 views

I stopped by SiliconDust's site and noticed that a firmware update, for my HDHomeRun Dual tuners, was released a few days ago.  So I downloaded the HDHomeRun Config utility onto my MacBook Pro and installed the firmware update.

When I've done the firmware updates in the past, I used the mini to do so. When I'd clicked on the View button n...

That '70s Show in HD

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 06 January 2014 · 1,035 views

As mentioned in the December Savings entry, That '70s Show is now being broadcast in HD.  I found an episode I have in both HD and SD and took some comparison screenshots:
SD opening scene

HD opening scene.  Much clearer picture, additional content on the sides (not zoomed and cropped)

SD title sequence


December Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 31 December 2013 · 875 views

While last month was 1 year since setting up EyeTV, this month makes 1 year since going live with my DVR project.
December was Doctor Who Month at the Spice's, with $35 spent on Doctor Who: The 50th Anniversary Collection  (whole collection) and The Time of the Doctor  (just the episode).  This puts the savings for Decem...

November Savings

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 06 December 2013 · 745 views

No new content, but it's been one year since I installed EyeTV so I spent $20 to renew my electronic TV Guide subscription.  Savings for November was $126 for a cumulative savings of $1300.  Balance to pay off the hardware is now at $1647. 
I just got back from a 2 week vacation and the mini's now at 804 recorded episodes!  Stay...

Drobo Disconnect

Posted by SpiceWare, in DVR Project 16 November 2013 · 805 views

Had a hiccup with the mini this week - I went to watch some TV last night and EyeTV had a message prompt up complaining that its storage device had been disconnected.  I clicked OK and EyeTV crashed.  I opened up a Finder window and saw that the Drobo drive was not listed.
Not sure what happened, so I power cycled the Drobo and rebooted t...

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