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Minor C issue, any ideas?

Posted by SpiceWare, in SpiceC 28 September 2018 · 500 views

Finally getting some work done on SpiceC and have run into an issue.  Storing graphic data in the C code like this:

Lets you create a list of images like this:const unsigned char* Images[] ={  Timmy,  RedBox};

However, each entry in that list takes up 4 bytes (size of a pointer) which is twice as much space as needed as when...

C mode file

Posted by SpiceWare, in jEdit, SpiceC 06 March 2018 · 822 views

While working on SpiceC I discovered GCC supports 0b notation for binary values .  I don't know when this occurred, but am quite pleased to see it!  Before this change you could only use numbers represented in decimal, hexadecimal, and octal.  At my job we use Visual Studio 2005 and 2012 for the supported and current versions of our softwar...

improved 6507 to C defines

Posted by SpiceWare, in SpiceC 03 March 2018 · 547 views

One of the difficulties about working with 2 sets of code (6507 assembly and C) is there's some common info that both need to know. Manually maintaining that info in 2 places is error prone, so you want to limit that as much as possible. While developing Stay Frosty 2 I came up with the idea of having the 6507 assembly maintain that info, and output it f...

SpiceC dasm usage figured out

Posted by SpiceWare, in SpiceC 01 March 2018 · 555 views

In the prior SpiceC blog post I showed what a config file would look like:MENU_KERNEL = "Menu/48pixel.asm"GAME_KERNEL = "Game/maze.asm"SCORE_KERNEL = "Score/radar.asm"AUDIO = SAMPLES    MAC DIGITAL_AUDIO        lda #AMPLITUDE        sta AUDV0    ENDM

A key part of that is the constants...

The Beginnings of SpiceC

Posted by SpiceWare, in SpiceC 20 February 2018 · 1,373 views

I've taken quite a bit of time off 2600 projects, was burnt out after the crunch to finish Draconian in time for PRGE - I even worked on it as my folks and I made our way to Portland, by way of the Grand Canyon!

I'm once again interested in working on 2600 projects and started off by porting Stay Frosty 2's music driver from DPC+ to CDF format fo...

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