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Trip to Lafayette

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 25 March 2019 · 79 views

Made a trip to Lafayette this past weekend, one of my dad's good friends unexpectedly passed away. Him and his wife were the family friends we met for lunch in Baton Rouge when we went to Fort Benning back in October (they'd driven over from Lafayette to meet us).  
Lafayette doesn't have much in the way of Tesla charging options, mostly auto...

2K19 Galveston Cruise

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 10 March 2019 · 107 views

Tesla Club of Greater Houston took part in 2K19 Galveston Cruise today that was hosted by Texas Infamous .  Groups came from Austin and San Antonio (and possibly DFW).
In preparation I did a Trip Charge this morning, which is charging the car to 100%.  For daily use you should only charge to 90% or less as it's not good for the batt...

Solar Installation Day

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 06 March 2019 · 177 views

They're here.

Looks like the solar panels were designed in Germany.
9:30 south slope : 

9:30 west slope:

9:30 north wall, the PowerWall is behind the orange ladder:

10:45 south slope

10:45 west slope

10:45 north wall
12:00 south slope
12:00 w...

Solar & PowerWall Installation Scheduled

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 21 February 2019 · 104 views

A common step after buying an EV appears to be installing solar. That's something I'd been considering doing in a year or two, so when Tesla contacted me about it I said sure come on out and give me some info so I can plan ahead. They were out at the at the start of January and did a quote for solar panels and a power wall (think giant UPS). http://...

Trip to Fort Benning

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 09 February 2019 · 265 views

As you may or may not be aware, I purchased a Tesla Model 3 about 8 months ago.

Back in October my nephew Brandin graduated from Basic Training at Fort Benning in Georgia.  My folks and I took a road trip to attend.  It's the furthest I've taken my Model 3 so far and from the experience it's a great road trip vehicle (autopilot is awes...

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