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Medieval Mayhem drops to #4

Posted by SpiceWare, in Stay Frosty 2, Medieval Mayhem 10 April 2016 · 1,415 views

while #3 spot has been taken over by none other than...
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Stay Frosty 2!  I can live with that ;)
Still only 4 reviews for SF2 though :ponder:

Medieval Mayhem manual scan

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 20 March 2015 · 1,183 views

Apparently the Medieval Mayhem manual isn't available online, so here it is!   The Tri-Fold manual doesn't fit in my scanner when it's fully unfolded, so I've done it as 3 scans instead of 2.



Neat surprise

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 30 June 2014 · 536 views

OS X has a handy feature where you can point at text onscreen then hit Command-CNTRL-D to get a definition:

I was replying to a PM and had typed out Medieval Mayhem when I had one of those moments of "I know it's spelled correctly, but it looks wrong" so I did it on the word Medieval.  I was expecting to see something about the Middle Ages...

AC 2010

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 05 August 2010 · 753 views

Looks like they had another Medieval Mayhem tournament over in France for AC 2010.

Must say, they came up with an awesome idea for the trophy :lust:

They have more photos of the tournament on...

Medieval Mayhem at Eurocon 2009

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 05 November 2009 · 652 views

Held in Viena, Austria, this year's Eurocon had a Medieval Mayhem tournament. Congrats to winner Sandra! Love the trophy :)

Posted Image


Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 14 June 2008 · 556 views

Found MM on You Tube with a tag of nexgam and categorized as Comedy for some reason. Might make more sense if my German wasn't so rusty.

Medieval Mayhem at AC 2008

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 23 May 2008 · 698 views

AC 2008 featured Medieval Mayhem in their tournament . Translated from babelfish
The tournament of the association consisted of Medieval Mayhem on the Atari 2600, Alpine...

Reviewed in Revival

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 04 April 2008 · 586 views

Googling "Medieval Mayhem" I discovered that ReVival, a French enthusiasts(?) magazine, did a review of Medieval Mayhem in issue 34. English translations are available from...

Take 4

Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 29 November 2007 · 1,490 views

Just discovered an obscure bug today! David Mrozek was having a problem with the lower-right shield being flipped.
In this section of the code:KernelGameBottomCode SUBROUTINE
cpy BLyOddRow; 3 4
php ; 3 7
cpy M1yOddRow; 3 10
php ; 3 13
cpy M0yOddRow; 3 16
php ; 3 19
ldx #ENABL ; 2 21
txs ; 2...


Posted by SpiceWare, in Medieval Mayhem 15 June 2007 · 573 views



This auction is for very rare Medieval Mayhem for the Atari 2600.
Buy-It-Now is $27.95. Better to Buy-It-New at Atari Age :lol:

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