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Add a console to jEdit

Posted by SpiceWare, in ColecoVision, jEdit, batari BASIC 29 September 2014 · 1,572 views

As I mentioned last night, due to some prodding by iesposta I finally took the time to figure out how to use jEdit to Compile and Run 2600 assembly code.  Now that I have it working, I really wish I'd done this years ago :roll:  I've also worked out how to do the same for ColecoVision assembly programs and will look into batari BASIC as well....

Updated assembly-6502 and batari BASIC mode files

Posted by SpiceWare, in batari BASIC, jEdit 28 September 2014 · 1,493 views

DPC+ registers have been added to the assembly-6502.xml mode file for 2600 development.
The zero and hex problems have been fixed and DPC+ registers have been added to the batari BASIC.xml mode file.
See the prior blog entry for how to add the mode files.  The assembly entry for the catalog file is:

 <MODE NAME="assembly-...

Updated batari BASIC mode file

Posted by SpiceWare, in batari BASIC, jEdit 27 September 2014 · 1,394 views

I like to use jEdit when I'm coding my 2600 games.  Back in June I revised my mode file, the syntax coloration rules, to make it easier to see graphic images that are represented by binary numbers.  I finally got around to implementing this change for my batari BASIC mode file. This is what it looks like:

Note: Color choices are under your c...

jEdit files for batari BASIC

Posted by SpiceWare, in batari BASIC, jEdit 15 July 2006 · 1,794 views

Here's my mode file for jEdit for batari BASIC:

To use the syntax highlighting, put the batari BASIC.xml file in the MODES directory of jEdit. Then edit the catalog file in the same directory and add the...

Back to Basics

Posted by SpiceWare, in batari BASIC 13 June 2006 · 690 views

batari BASIC that is!

I'm sure this will disappoint some people, but I'm going to take a week or two off Medieval Mayhem.

I'm sure there's some questions of why in the crowd
:? :???: :? :???:

Yep, there are :lol:

Basically*, I'm going to visit my brother in July and my nephew...

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