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Posted by SpiceWare, in Rally S 23 September 2011 · 1,395 views

This came to me a couple nights ago as I started to go to sleep. I jumped out of bed and sketched it out so I wouldn't forget.

For Rally S, one of the issues I'd been concerned with was the Atari's chunky scrolling of the play field. I'd originally been planning to make the up/down scrolling chunky as well so that it...

Screen Testing

Posted by SpiceWare, in Rally S 01 May 2007 · 1,571 views

Test screens for my next project. Roads 3 PF wide, with 5 scan lines per PF block

Nope, road's too squished, let's try 3 PF wide, with 6 scan lines per PF block

Still squished, and not enough room for radar, score and lives remaining. Just for fun, 3 PF wide with 7 scan lines per PF...

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