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Return of the cranberry

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 17 January 2019 · 70 views

Something struck me, urged me to continue work on Quest of the Cranberry for the Channel F. Last September, I deemed it too ambitious and gave up. But there was just something that was telling me, "no, this isn't as ambitious as Adventure, and that was made." Albeit for the 2600, but still. I tried to make a heart that gains back health upon touching it,...

Alien Invasion

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 16 January 2019 · 86 views

An alien invasion will be happening at my house soon. So I just happened to be on eBay at the right time. Earlier there was also Video Poker, which I would have gotten as well, but I clicked on it and it said it was "out of stock." There was only one and someone else must have bought it, which I don't blame them because it was only $40. So I bought the ot...

Those lettuce heads returned.

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 07 November 2018 · 105 views

I decided since I was in a Channel F-y mode to work some more on my Channel F game. I made it so the ship doesn't shake violently once it reaches the lowest and highest points it can go. It just stops and waits for you to move the correct direction now. A lot better. If you have your MESS installed and want to play it via emulator, you can get the lovely...

Killer Heads of Lettuce revisited.

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 19 October 2018 · 101 views

I'm working on Killer Heads of Lettuce for the Channel F again. Man this game is hard. So my job is to try and make it easier. I made it so the lettuce heads speed up at 50 points instead of a random speed up/slow down. And even then, getting to 50 points was hard even though the lettuce heads were slow. Though that may be just from me being a poor aim. A...


Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 12 September 2018 · 98 views

Here's a first. I've decided to give up on this game. Not because I'm having trouble programming it, but because it's not a very interesting game to play. So I guess I'll chalk it up as a learning experience and move onwards. I did get two items on the screen at the same time. It took about an hour to do. While testing it though, I wasn't very interested...

Avoiding rhubarb

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 11 September 2018 · 87 views

Avoiding rhubarb So I have been working on Yum for the Channel F. It got so anger inducing I wanted to quit and just stop working on it. The problem was either the teeth were flashing once, or the lips got erased on the guy's mouth. But somehow, at 6:30pm last night I finally got it working. Way past my bedtime, but I tried to go to sleep after and laid there for about an...


Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 07 September 2018 · 104 views

Here is a picture of my latest Channel F project after I decided that Quest of the Cranberry was too ambitious for the Channel F.
I decided to do something simpler, so I'm going for simpler things, like this.

It's kind of like Fast Food, but the giant face's mouth closes if fire is pressed, otherwise it's open. The idea being to eat the candy and avoid...

I give up again.

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 07 September 2018 · 116 views

After two attempts taking a few hours, I've decided if it's going to be a difficult piece of poop and not obey my commands and instead reset itself, then I have no choice but to give up on the cranberry project and do something a bit less complicated. Anyone have any ideas? Apparently I can't do what I want, and apparently it goes off in a different direc...


Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 06 September 2018 · 123 views

I decided to put some rain in the Cranberry game. I got it moving good, but a lot of time was spent trying to get the left over stuff gone when the raindrop reset. I finally decided that my cool slanted raindrop I designed was not going to work, so I reduced it to a line. I wanted to put something in the game besides the blueberry to make the game harder....

Strawberry Fields

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 05 September 2018 · 95 views

I went to work again on the game. It took a long time to do what I wanted. I think the problem is the game kept crashing when I exited the first screen. I think it was due to me having too much code in the game. I am beginning to think that such a game might not be possible on the poor Channel F. I deleted some unneccessary code from the game. I got what...