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dragging through the retro streets at dawn

Irata Anthem, sung by TIA

Posted by RevEng, in programming, audio, 2600 19 May 2012 · 1,207 views

One of my back-burner projects is a spiritual sequel to M.U.L.E, for the 2600. So far I just have a planet kernel, species+color choice kernel, and the beginnings of a theme. The game will be developed at my usual glacial pace, so I figured I'd share the theme, as it could be appreciated on its own...

When working...

speakalator - compose phrases for AtariVox on unix platforms

Posted by RevEng, in unix, audio, atarivox, 2600 04 June 2011 · 1,749 views

One of the easiest ways to create phrases for AtariVox is to use the PhraseALator utility. PhraseALator is provided free of charge by the folks who create the SpeakJet chip in the AtariVox, Magnevation.

Using a TTL level serial port, you can connect your AtariVox to your PC and pull it's strings from a nice point-and-click interface.

You can use...

racing the beam and riding the speaker

Posted by RevEng, in programming, audio, 2600 25 May 2011 · 1,275 views

stella's voice

The 2600 isn't widely hailed for it's luxurious sound.

The TIA chip, which is responsible for the sound of the 2600 as well as the video, was designed with fairly minimal audio capabilities. On it's own it has the ability to make fairly simple tones, rumbles, and white noise type sounds.

Similar to how you need to...