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The hunt for the PAL Heavy Sixer

Pics of my PAL Heavy Sixer

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 18 December 2012 · 698 views

http://img690.images...661mv.jpg  It's been tested with PAL TVs and it's on official PAL-I Heavy Sixer! I checked the insides and it is a genuine Sunnyvale model! I'm so happy

Gotcha! PAL Heavy Sixer was caught!

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 12 December 2012 · 489 views

Title says it all.I bought one loose with a few games from atariattic for 90£. I didn't have any of these games so for all the time I invested to get it I think it's a nice deal. This seller had 2 of them including one boxed and I bought the loose one. I think it's PAL because the boxed one had the cherry leisure logo.I'm so happy :)

Week 2 (THFTPHS Revival)

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 03 December 2012 · 328 views

I'm gonna start naming the entries by the number of weeks, because I'll probably make weekly posts.First of all, the PAL HS that was overpriced has vanished from ebay (I say vanished because it says that the listing has ended and that nobody bought it... I wonder why!)Otherwise there is a Sunnyvale Light sixer on Ebay ATM. I'm not interest...

Day 1 (THFTPHS Revival)

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 26 November 2012 · 297 views

Back on the track! I'm searching for that heavy sixer again! What brought me back here is this overpriced sixer there:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-2600-PAL-UK-Heavy-Six-Sunnyvale-Woody-Boxed-Complete-Bundle-29-Games-/160929039226?pt=UK_VintageComputing_RL&hash=item25781e437a&_uhb=1Let's hope I won't ragequit after 1 month XD...

Still no sixer :(

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 17 June 2012 · 493 views

Now, I searched for the sixer for at least a month, and I still haven't found one T_T
One thing that's starting to piss me off more than the light sixers are the Atari Flashbacks. They're everywhere on eBay!!! O.O.
Otherwise I already found somebody to bid for me if the Sixer has UK only postage (thanks mimo).
See you in a week for...

A week has passed

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 08 June 2012 · 463 views

Sorry for that, but I have several reasons for this inactivity.
First, I had VERY much work for the school. We are having a lot of "Travaux Ecrits" this week, which are school quizzes.
Second, I was soooo fed up with the light sixers that at one point I thought I'd smash (my non working, of course) mine... Fortunately I didn't do that,...

Day 19

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 02 June 2012 · 520 views

I'm starting to get sick of those Light Sixer...

Day 18

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 31 May 2012 · 366 views

I ran out of ideas... And there are some new Jrs. on eBay

Day 17

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 30 May 2012 · 265 views

The guy that was selling me the Game&Watches on the Swiss version of Craigslist is an asshole. He keeps telling me that "somebody else" claimed his Game&Watches for 200 Fr... and what a surprise, he has been "dealing" with this "buyer" for 6 months... I wonder why he hasn't taken them yet... Oh wait, it's just...

Day 16

Posted by PitfallHarry2600, 29 May 2012 · 308 views

At first, I really thought it was a Heavy Sixer... no comment T_T

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