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Lines in compiled Atari Turbo BASIC XL

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 12 February 2019 · 73 views
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Here is the Lines demo I did for the CoCo2 and Atari Action! As you may see the TBXL compiled is as fast as the Action! version. This is one of the reasons why I soured on Action! after testing it and using it for a while. Action! is a nice programming language but it's just not that much better for what was already out there at the time for the limitatio...

Learning Action! part 5, That's all folks!

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 29 January 2019 · 79 views
action, atari, programming
Well, I was going to go over P/M graphics for Action! but found the book says little about P/M graphics, sigh. So, I'm going to end the tutorials here. 
I could go over pointers and arrays but I plan to do some tutorials in the future on Atari C and Pascal which use Pointers and Arrays much more extensively and with better manuals (and books).
But kn...

Learning Action! part 4, Graphics Demo

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 22 January 2019 · 122 views
atari 800, action!, programming and 1 more...
Sunday I posted a LINES.ACT to the blog and Youtube.
It’s a fun little program I use to test programming languages and retro-computers. It originated on the TI-99 Mini-Memory as a demo program. So far I have converted the program to Atari BASIC, Atari MicroSoft BASIC, Atari Action!, Ta...

Learning Action! part 3, loop da loop

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 21 January 2019 · 96 views
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Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s lesson is loops.
Today’s... sorry, couldn’t resist the joke.
Welcome back to learning about OSS Action! for the Atari 8-bit.
As usual, We’ll start with a program,
PROC MAIN() ;part 1
  PRINTE(" ")

Demo in Action!

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 20 January 2019 · 195 views
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Note: I'll be covering this program and how it compares to Atari BASIC in an upcoming post. Till then, enjoy.; "H:LINES.ACT"PROC MAIN() BYTE Y1, Y2, Z, T INT A, B, C, D CARD X1, X2 ;INTL VAR X1=9 Y1=12 X2=40 Y2=30 Z=1 T=0 A=5 B=5 C=5 D=5 GRAPHICS(7+16) ;INFIN LOOP WHILE Z DO COLOR=Z PLOT(X1,Y1) DRAWTO(X2,Y2) ;RAND(X)...

Learning Action! Part 3; If Then

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 16 January 2019 · 140 views
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Welcome Back to Action!
I'm going to break this lesson up into two parts. Today, the first part we will look at IF-THEN statements.
Next time we’ll look at LOOPs.
So here’s the program.
;(PART 1)

Learning Action! Part 2, resources

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800, Action! 15 January 2019 · 134 views
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Learning Action! Part 2, resources Before we get too far into learning I'm going to post some resources for Action!.
First off, the books. The reference manual and a quick reference

Here is the .bin for the cartridge that can be loaded into Altirra and the runtime package.

here is a collection of modules and a toolkit that can be added to your Action! program in .d...

Learning Action!

Posted by hloberg, in Atari 800, Action! 11 January 2019 · 256 views
atari 800, atari 8-bit, action! and 2 more...
Learning Action! I, finally, am getting around to learning Action! My goal is to learn Action! to create a sequel to my Atari 2600 game 'Parsec 2600' on the Atari 8-bit.
Anyway, the best way I have found to learn something is to teach others while I'm learning it. So, here it goes.
Action! is a cross between 'C', Pascal with a little bit of Assembler thrown in for good me...