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Problems with wifi band 5 GHZ I used

Posted by Serguei2, 14 January 2019 · 57 views

I noted few weeks ago, YouTube won't work anymore. 
At this time, I installed Stargate Network, a stargate simulator.
I first thing it was the responsable of this problem until I noted I can't go the internet with my new 3ds.
After few tries, I set my wifi to 2.4 ghz. Now I can go to the internet with my new 3ds and the problem w...

I'd better play Tetris on Game Boy

Posted by Serguei2, 10 January 2019 · 69 views

I went to pharmacy today. The first thing I noted is a bin full of Game Pokes, a handheld game with 100 games and they are black and white systems.

This handheld system uses a battery-watch to run.
Based on screenshot, the graphic seems to be poorer compared to the Game Boy.
These systems are sold for only $9.99.
If Ga...

I played brawler games

Posted by Serguei2, 09 January 2019 · 59 views

I played beat'em up games to give me an idea what I want in my brawler game.




I enjoyed the most with Final Fight but all games are great.

Say bye bye to BBC kids

Posted by Serguei2, 31 December 2018 · 73 views

This is the last day we can watch BBC kids (Canada). Tomorrow, it will be gone.
The most shows I'm watching are Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood and Atomic Betty.
And other british shows for curiosity.
I hope BBC Canada and BBC World News won't be removed.
A bad ending for this year.

Happy holidays

Posted by Serguei2, 24 December 2018 · 75 views

Merry Christmas and happy new year.


Posted by Serguei2, 23 December 2018 · 67 views

From now, you can go from a world to another world using Craftgate.

Winter started but

Posted by Serguei2, 21 December 2018 · 71 views

Winter season maybe started today but it's raining.
Once the weather started freezzing, maybe tomorrow, the water turns into ice and the streets become slippery.
I'd be careful for not to fall.

Etrian Odyssey IV arrived

Posted by Serguei2, 10 December 2018 · 74 views

I just received Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the titan for 3DS from mail.

For $40, it's a bargain. Most of time, it's $80 or even higher.
Of course, I could buy a digital version of the game for lower price, but I like physical cart than digital.
That's why I bought the game from eBay.
I started to think Ebay is bette...


Posted by Serguei2, 27 November 2018 · 98 views

It's snowing outside and when I'm working on a movie.
Suddenly, NO POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fortunately , I'm working on a laptop and my work is not lost.
The power is back 20 minutes later...

Gameboy Popeye not available

Posted by Serguei2, 14 November 2018 · 128 views

I found an old letter from Funcoland saying Popeye on Gameboy is not available and it cannot be shipped.

I played Popeye on NES and I'd like to play it on Gameboy.
Time flies fast.

I love Stargate SG1 but

Posted by Serguei2, 08 November 2018 · 158 views

I'm pleased when Space was on free preview and I rewatched Stargate SG1 again.
So I started to watch them again.
It is a great show but ..

Space broadcasted Stargate SG1 10 episodes in a week, I lost the interest of the show quickly, even if I can record and watch the episodes later. But 10 episodes a week is too much for me....

New computer Windows 10

Posted by Serguei2, 27 October 2018 · 165 views

I bought a new computer recently with windows 10 installed.
The first thing I noted is Cortana asks me to tell something each time I turn on the computer.
Why did Microsoft put Cortana when the computer starts? It's annoying!
It could be an application when I want to talk with it.
The most tools I used from Vista still work on...

From: If Atari released panther instead Jaguar

Posted by Serguei2, 26 September 2018 · 189 views

Source: If Atari released panther instead Jaguar

Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS crashes

Posted by Serguei2, 05 August 2018 · 218 views

Minecraft can crash on PC and it also can crash on New Nintendo 3DS as well.
Great job Mojang. Your game is full of bugs. When glitches are fixed, new ones appear.


My Vaio is dead

Posted by Serguei2, 01 August 2018 · 199 views

If I didn't release anything, that's because my laptop is dead,
Even if I made back-ups for some stuff, any colecovision projects I'm working, are lost.

New Nintendo 3DS one flaw.

Posted by Serguei2, 24 July 2018 · 206 views

The New Nintendo 3DS has only bad flaw:
You need to remove screws and the cover to change the mini sd card.
:(  :(  :(  :thumbsdown:

Atariage from ...

Posted by Serguei2, 08 July 2018 · 240 views

I bought a New Nintendo 3D yesterday.

The problem with NN3DS, it can't show all the page.
It works well on Youtube btw.

Happy Canada Day

Posted by Serguei2, 01 July 2018 · 239 views

Happy Canada Day 2018.

Zdoom + Gamepad

Posted by Serguei2, 04 June 2018 · 285 views

I took two days to find the right combination to play zdoom with the gamepad.
Zdoom is a free engine to play classic fps games. It supports doom, hexen, strife, ...
Good thing.  The joystick has evolved since Atari 2600.

Minecraft in glorious 16 colours

Posted by Serguei2, 15 May 2018 · 333 views

I decided to build my own texture pack in Minecraft.
I downloaded Paint.Net because it supports transparent color, Microsoft Paint does not support transparent.
After trials and errors, I managed to build my texture pack in 16 EGA colours. 
I saw texture packs based on NES, so why not in EGA.
The reason I used Beta 1.7 is...

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