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News about Half-Death

Posted by Serguei2, in Half-Death series 25 August 2006 · 548 views
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Hi folks

I worked on Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa today.

No new rooms are added but I fixed some bugs and add some stuff in existing rooms.

I'm going to work more rooms and maybe release a new demo.

Also, I worked a little on my blog by adding a Half-Death...

A new Half-Death demo is out

Posted by , in Half-Death series 11 August 2005 · 624 views

Hi folks

I released a new demo of Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa today.

You'll find it at: http://agisite.zxq.net/half-d.htm

Half-Death is a DOS game but some newest computers might cannot run it correctly or not at all.

I suggest to use DOSBOX to play this...

Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa

Posted by , in Half-Death series 10 August 2005 · 647 views

Hi folks

I worked on Half-Death the two last days and I'm planning to release a new demo at the next Saturday.


Finally, you can fight monsters like this one in the next demo.

Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa is a parody of Half-Life 1.

You can still download the first demo but the next one has more...

Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa new screenshots

Posted by , in Half-Death series 08 May 2005 · 1,120 views

Finally, I decided to put new screenshots from the upcoming Half-Death: terror at...

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