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Exploring Colecovision screen modes part 2

Posted by Serguei2, in Download, Programming Colecovision 20 August 2016 · 494 views

With the help of Kiwi, I can now go all colecovision screen modes.
This new rom will go all screen modes.

Just wait for a moment, the program will switch to another screen mode.

Improved room

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, Download 16 August 2016 · 518 views

Now my room is more enjoyable.

The colecovision palette is limited and hard to make a nice picture.
Feel free to try this new rom.

If you wait a little, a new room will show up.

ColecoVision Programming

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, Download 02 August 2016 · 514 views

ColecoVision Programming I started learning programming on  Colecovision.
Here my Hello World program.

Of course, you need a Colecovision emulator to run it.
Next step: making a Colecovision game.

My Montezuma's revenge sucks

Posted by Serguei2, in Uncategorized, Download 03 June 2014 · 791 views

I was working on a qbasic game with many rooms. To be sure if Qbasic can support many rooms, I wrote this montezuma's revenge in Qbasic if it can run 100 rooms.
So here the result:

Yes. The game works with all 100 rooms. This is a test if qbasic can run with many rooms. I don't mean to make the whole montezuma's revenge in qbasic. Y...

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