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Project 65XE: eh maybe we should do something

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 02 April 2018 · 357 views

Yea its been since September of 2017 since I actually did anything, but I was re-arranging my shelf of stuff the other day and said "hey you do not have any projects that are paying you money for a couple weeks, put down the brand new (to me) coco 3 and work on the Atari!"
In my last update I cut a gigantic hole in the front of my case to accommoda...

Project 65XE: GOODIES

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 18 September 2017 · 458 views

Today I got a fat box of crap from mouser, 512k Sram, stuff for SIO2SD and connectors wooter 

I still haven't laid out PCB's yet cause I had to make some last min alterations to what packages of components I got, and I wanted to lay hands on them before committing (that and being a combination of stupid busy and lazy) I did get a hand...

Project 65XE: Chip Removal

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 09 September 2017 · 457 views

Nothing too much today, I have the schematics all drawn up for the mods I want to do (video, internal SIO2SD, 512k ram, dual pokey), going to review those tonight and work on the pcb anyway far enough along I can go ahead and order a pile o parts ...
side tangent, when I was younger there were a couple, one stop electronics shops around ... like mi...

Project 65XE: A good scrubdown, retrobrite on the cheap, change power LED lens

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 27 August 2017 · 586 views

I got on it this weekend with this machine (and I am tired of scrubbing). I scrubbed the case down with heavy duty decreasing cleaner (says to dilute with water, bah who has time for that) and a bunch of paper towels and rags and a brush. That was fun 
once I did that I tore apart the keyboard, and did the same on each individual key, even mor...

Project 65XE: Little Time Little progress

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 22 August 2017 · 294 views

Having worked all weekend to meet a deadline (great thing about engineering, flexible schedule bad thing about engineering, hard as nails deadlines) and most of Monday spent doing yard work and prepping for the eclipse photography session my wife dove deep into (and I am glad for that, she needs a more involved hobby) along with prior commitments, I hardl...

Project 65XE I got the machine

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 18 August 2017 · 443 views

So I get home this evening and sitting in my workbench chair out in the garage, is this box that looks small and looks like someone punched it, great vibes. Adding on to those good feelings I open it up and see a bunch of shredded up junk mail as packing material. 
Luckily the ebay seller was not a complete moron and the machine itself was enc...

Project 65XE what have I DONE!?!?

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 18 August 2017 · 480 views
Project 65XE
Almost three years ago I did a recap job in trade for a Atari 65XE computer, it sat in the trunk of my car for darn near a year, then one day with a baby on the way I am sitting there looking at this thing, which I had never even taken out of its box, and sold it here on Atariage for what I had invested into it ... 40 bucks. 
Fast forward pret...