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Book Review: How To Invent Everything

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Stuff 09 January 2019 · 200 views

I've been reading this book my wife got me for Christmas called, "How To Invent Everything ," by Ryan North, and I can't put it down!  It's hilarious and uncanny and so entertaining!
It's hard to describe what it is.  It's not a joke book, but more like a history book, or a scientific journal, with a sci-fi twist.  You know, it occur...

CvW Grand Prizes

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, CvW Championship, Stuff 23 December 2018 · 148 views

I just got a notice from the USPS that Fushek 's special Christmas present has been delivered.  I am also packing grips03 's special present to ship early next week.  I can't wait to hear from them what they think.
I ran the Carol vs. The World Championship with my wife from 2012 to 2016 as a way to promote the game and foster camarader...

2018: The Year In Review

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Stuff 21 December 2018 · 101 views

As we close the year 2018, I look back at my accomplishments.  For a procrastinator of such high caliber as myself, the list doesn't look too bad.  I did managed to finish some projects, and that is always a good thing.
I also started a new blog and kept at it for several months with semi-regular posts.  Not bad at all.

Caroling For Charity (For Children)

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Intellivision, Stuff 04 November 2018 · 137 views

Along with user CharonPDX , I wish to thank Rick Reynolds for dedicating 25 hours of his precious life (for all life, and the short time afforded it on this Earth, is precious) to playing video games for the Extra Life charity event.

As some of you may know, Extra Life is a fund-raising gaming marathon for various children hospitals and relat...

Custom Carol Conniptions

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Intellivision, Stuff 04 November 2018 · 144 views

Following up on my last post , I did manage to finally fix and build the old Christmas Carol code.  As expected, it only took me a couple of hours, maybe less, to get the code to assemble.   That's with not fixing any of the old bugs -- I decided that for the sake of stability and expediency, I wouldn't mess with it.
As explained in the p...

Broken Carols & Frankencodes

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Intellivision, Stuff 01 November 2018 · 174 views

I have no progress on the story.  None at all.  Yesterday I celebrated my 14th anniversary so most of the week has gone into planning that epic event.  It came out nicely.  It's good to go all out once in a while and celebrate the important things. :)
Anyway, I committed myself to offering a customized version of the Christmas C...

Procrastinating On Procrastination

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Stuff 28 September 2018 · 108 views

I know it's been quiet around here in the past couple of days.  You (if anybody other than myself) may think that I gave up on the blog or something like that, but nope.  What happened was the best possible thing for such a procrastinator like myself:  I worked on the Christmas Carol story.
That's right!  While trying to motivat...

Fisrt Post!

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Stuff 16 September 2018 · 189 views

Never had a blog before, and probably never will again, but I thought it may be useful to type short entries of what I'm working on as a blog rather than abusing the "Status Update" feature.  I intend to write brief updates on the progress of my projects -- both retro-game-related and not.  I don't expect anybody to read this, so this blog is mo...

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