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Popeye (Parker Brothers)

Posted by DoctorSpuds in DoctorSpuds Reviews Things, 16 October 2018 · 12 views

Popeye (Parker Brothers) There are a lot of strange games out there, I know I keep reiterating this point but it’s like if I sneeze I find more weird games. I had previously though this particular game to be fairly normal but then I gave it a little though and realized that no this is a strange game indeed. Cast your eyes over to Japan and to Nintendo, it was 1982 and their...

Switched On POKEY - Prologue

Posted by k-Pack in Switched on POKEY, 15 October 2018 · 26 views
Bach, Carlos, MIDI

Earlier this year I declared my intentions to recreate the sound tracks on W. Carlos's Switched on Bach album using  Atari8 computers.  I wish I had started earlier.  It would have been a fitting tribute to Carlos's work if I had finished it on the 50th anniversary of its release. I hope it is still a fitting tribute when it is done.

Magical Fairy Force

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 14 October 2018 · 43 views

Back with another Magical Fairy Force update.
I've gotten some new things in place, and some of the gameplay elements are starting to formalize in my mind.  The first thing I got working was shooting.  Each player can now fire, I used a pair of missiles for each player, so the projectile is four pixels wide.  Looks great so far....

Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXI

Posted by DZ-Jay in DZ-Jay's Random Blog, 13 October 2018 · 67 views

So my 12 year-old nephew read the still-in-progress Christmas Carol story in a single sitting.  Well, actually in two, as he took a break when we left to go to the movies in the afternoon.  In any case, he finished it.  Then, with my heart in my throat and a great deal of apprehension I asked him what he thought and he said ...

Odyssey2 Odyssey

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 12 October 2018 · 53 views

I have been busy with the Odyssey 2 lately. Reading the booklets, playing the games, that sort of thing. It is interesting though how even though the Odyssey 2 never really made much of a dent into Atari, it sure does have a good homebrewing scene. Why do you think that is? When I started programming Odyssey 2, it took me a few tries to figure out what I...

HSC Season 8 Week 1: Dragonfire

Posted by CX40Hero in CX40Hero's Blog, 05 October 2018 · 68 views

And so begins my first ever blog, and what better subject to start on than HSC Season 8!
For you not in the know, season 8 of the AtariAge HSC started today (Friday 5th October) and this will be my little corner of the web to document my journey through it.
My Mi...

And yet another small diversion

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 03 October 2018 · 102 views
Video Game Reviews

A couple of things I didn't mention about the mini-arcade games from Super Impulse that I've been collecting :
First, they're sold with keyrings attached. They're a bit too large and impractical to be a keyring though:
Second, they don't have a coin door on the front sticker....

Unboxing Mega Man 11 Collector's Edition!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 02 October 2018 · 65 views

Mega Man 11 day! October 2nd is finally here!!

OSMC on RPi0w

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 01 October 2018 · 70 views

I have an external drive (5TB in your pocket for US$120 - the mind boggles) to which I've ripped DVDs, including Game of Thrones.  Now that my son is off to college, it might be easier for my wife and I to find the time to watch them.
They play back fine on my wife's MacBook - but its USB ports died so we have to use a DisplayPort adapter, whi...

Minor C issue, any ideas?

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 28 September 2018 · 157 views

Finally getting some work done on SpiceC and have run into an issue.  Storing graphic data in the C code like this:

Lets you create a list of images like this:const unsigned char* Images[] ={  Timmy,  RedBox};

However, each entry in that list takes up 4 bytes (size of a pointer) which is twice as much space as needed as when...

Bought my house 1 year ago.

Posted by Nuclear Pacman in Ablogalypse Now, 28 September 2018 · 63 views

It has been a busy year for me. The whole process of purchasing a home, looking back was a lot of hard work. Dealing with the bank, setting up inspections, settling the lease on my apartment, and prepping the home for me to move in. I had like a 1 week window from closing, to do some interior painting and lay new carpet on the main floor. 

4) Timing and Horizontal Positioning (Minikernel Developer's Guide)

Posted by Karl G in Karl's Blog, 27 September 2018 · 80 views

Up until now, I've avoided talking about timing and cycles in too much detail, but now we will take a closer look, as it will be needed to understand horizontal positioning of objects.
Imagine for a moment that you are decorating a house, and you are trying to position a picture on a wall.  You ask a friend to hold up the picture against the...

From: If Atari released panther instead Jaguar

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 26 September 2018 · 75 views

Source: If Atari released panther instead Jaguar

Modding the Flashback 8 HD - Part Two

Posted by AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol in AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol's Blog, 24 September 2018 · 233 views
flashback, flashback 8, mod and 1 more...

Adding a game to the Flashback 8 HD
Some prerequisites:
in this example I'm adding the Double Dragon Arcade ROM from KevinMos3 ( Available at http://atariage.com/...-xenophobe-etc/ ; also note that there is a very nice label he created
you have to have added the USB connector the Fl...

A journey to Bach's Invention 1 and other miscellaneous updates

Posted by k-Pack in Out of the Pack, 16 September 2018 · 116 views

A journey to Bach's Invention 1 and other miscellaneous updates After recording PRELUDE1.MP3 it seemed that the Atari BASIC sound program needed to be reprogrammed in assembly.  I got out the MAC65 cart and two days later things were so messed up I wasn't sure if it was the Arduino and/or Atari software or the Arduino interface hardware giving me the headaches. 
I decided to go back and setup the equi...


Mission 16 surprise

Posted by Ranger03 in Alien Isolation Blog, 15 September 2018 · 88 views

Went to KG348 and to my astonishment, there was another (friendly) human. Amazing to be honest, never noticed that

Dealer Demo, part 11: One Assembler to Rule them All

Posted by Atari_Ace in Atari_Ace's Blog, 14 September 2018 · 77 views

We've now reached a compact bit of code in the Dealer Demo that provides an assembler to Forth.  And the assembler in Forth is a thing of beauty indeed.  Written by Bill Ragsdale (as was most of the Forth kernel), it provides an assembler that can produce surprisingly readable code without the use of labels.  In essence it implements high-...

Cruizin' DeviantArt - September 2018 - About Rob Paulsen

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 04 September 2018 · 140 views

So SpongeFox, another admin of the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, came up with this great art recently...

More art from other artists to come.  But the submission from SpongeFox reminds me of this great video from the Nostalgia Critic.  Rob Paulsen as some may recall did the voice for Bubsy in the animated pilot.   Not somethin...

An updated EDITOR for the TI-99/4A that works with ALL the new technology!

Posted by --- Ω --- in TI-99/4A Stuff, 03 September 2018 · 213 views
EDITOR, 4A/DOS, EA/5, UberGROM and 3 more...

What's more appropriate for NEW gear on older computers, than updated versions of older software?  
Some legacy programs have 'issues' when dealing with newer gear or storage formats.  Some older editors like TI-Writer or BA-Writer leave 'garbage'(see first reply below) at the end of a file which can interfere with programs like 4...

24 - FlipOut!

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 19 August 2018 · 173 views

Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/24-flipout
Enter the Great Tile Flipping Festival to challenge King Fluffy and the citizens of the planet Phromaj in the Jaguar puzzle game FlipOut! Game designer Dr. Conrad Barski provides valuable historical context as we learn about the game's development, then explo...

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