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Gameboy Popeye not available

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 14 November 2018 · 18 views

I found an old letter from Funcoland saying Popeye on Gameboy is not available and it cannot be shipped.

I played Popeye on NES and I'd like to play it on Gameboy.
Time flies fast.

Intellivision Keyboard!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 14 November 2018 · 39 views
Mattel Intellivision, rare share and 4 more...

Debuting tonight at 8 PM ET, 7 Central!

the scarlet letter, or, red-letter day

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 14 November 2018 · 25 views

So I was going through my computer and I found a version of a title screen for Fatso 2 that was really advanced from the one I remember. I don't remember making this one though. Sad news, though, my Odyssey 2 died, but that's okay because yesterday I went and got a second one in case that were to happen. Odd that it would happen the next morning, though....

Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXVIII

Posted by DZ-Jay in DZ-Jay's Random Blog, 13 November 2018 · 33 views

I have some exciting news.
My [s]grand-stepson    [s]step-grandson    [s]grandson-step    [s]step-son-grand-step    [s]step-step-grandson    [s]step-grandson-step    [s]grandson-step-squared  ... the step-son of my step-daughter is paying us a visit next Friday.  He will spend...

Strange Atari Catalog

Posted by DoctorSpuds in DoctorSpuds Reviews Things, 12 November 2018 · 66 views

I have never seen anything like this before.
The inside is the exact same as the regular 45 game catalog it just has a different front cover. the # is CO16725-Rev. D just like a regular catalog


SF2 Champion Edition - NES

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 11 November 2018 · 89 views

When SF2 arrived in the arcades NES was still very popular.
I remember my friends talking about how cool would be a NES version.
Then the pirates comes with so many SF2 clones, but they have some flaws.
I decided to make a concept proof demo, much like what I did on Simpsons Demo, to test some of my ideas about a SF2 game made by me.
This de...

25 - Power Drive Rally

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 10 November 2018 · 54 views

Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/25-power-drive-rally
Hop in your favorite (better make that "favourite") European rally car and "terra up de firma" in Power Drive Rally! We explore company histories and the development of the game, dig into the game modes, and marvel at the attention to detail. In the...

Cruiz'in PSN - November 2018 - Fan Comments!

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 09 November 2018 · 111 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy, PSN and 1 more...

Good morning!   So the news of the 6th Bubsy game "Paws on Fire " has stirred up some excitement on Facebook , Instagram , Linked In , and it is always fun to see the activity on Twitter .  These are locations that Bubsy news sent out, Bubsy fans are talking, and "Bubsy" himself tends to show up from time to time.
There are other pla...

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

Posted by k-Pack in Switched on POKEY, 07 November 2018 · 77 views

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major A.K.A. Invention #8
Still working with Atari BASIC to create the sounds.  This time a couple of FOR-NEXT loops were added to give a little attack and decay to the notes before it was compiled.  The Program does some pretty strange things to the notes when used with a MIDI KEYBOARD but works OK as long as a note get turned off before the next NO...

Cafeman's Necessary 2D Page

Posted by Cafeman in Caféman's Blog, 04 November 2018 · 86 views
2D, Sega, River raid, Joust

https://web.archive.....50megs.com:80/  I found a 2001 version of my old site (Well, some of it) on the internet Archive. This site was a part time project of mine, mostly about 2D games on the Saturn. It was created with hand-coded HTML and MS Paint between 1998 and 2001, and it was basically my introduction to...

Bloody "Life Hacks"

Posted by OLD CS1 in OLD CS1's Blog, 04 November 2018 · 71 views

I can be an asshole and sometimes a bit crotchety. It was a relief, therefore, to find that I am not the only one who finds the concept of "life hacks" cringe-worthy and often aggravating, if only for misusing the word "hack." You might come across some viral new "life hack" and think, "nothing special about that," since you or someone or some group of pe...

Clean install

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 04 November 2018 · 109 views

My Mac Pro had been having a weird issue with Spotlight frequently crashing. Spotlight's the built in search feature and then some - besides searching I also use it as a program launcher:
COMMAND-SPACE (launches Spotlight)
type the first few letters of a program name
hit RETURN to run said program

and calculator:
type a math equation
if needed elsewher...

Vs. Vs. Golf

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 01 November 2018 · 108 views
Video Game Ramblings

About a year-and-a-half ago, I posted about getting my best-ever score in Vs. Golf in MAME: 16 under par.
Since then, I've kept playing and have gotten back to that score and near it quite a few times. But 18 under eluded me. I'd always have one or two bad shots that kept me from reaching it.
I also started playing the Women's Vs. Golf ROM...

Finishing Up (Minikernel Developer's Guide)

Posted by Karl G in Karl's Blog, 01 November 2018 · 66 views

Now that we have a minikernel that can display a life icon for each player and be positioned correctly, we need to display the correct number of lives for each player.  We will do this by setting the NUSIZx register for each player to a value that displays the correct number of copies of the player object that corresponds to their remaining number o...


Posted by damosan in Adventures in CC65, 30 October 2018 · 79 views
cc65 intro

The primary purpose of this blog is to discuss using CC65 on Atari 8-bit computers - which goes from "hey this is easy!" to "omg...how do I do X?!?" pretty darn fast.  My posts will naturally include source code showing how I've managed to do various things with the platform.
The vehicles I plan to use during these discussions are two programs...

Magical Fairy Force

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 26 October 2018 · 85 views

Got a little bit more done on this.  I now have the fairy power gauges created, and they properly fill as you blast wisps.

The gauges are built from all four player objects, two of them comprise the black "empty" color and the other two are the fill color.  I could get fancy and play with the player size registers to get away wit...

My Comic, "The Scientists" is back!

Posted by G-type in G-type's Blog, 26 October 2018 · 103 views

My Comic, "The Scientists" is back! "It's a genius-centric 'Goonies' that could turn thriller at any moment"
featuring: Comics!

Board Game Development Part 4 Complexity

Posted by StanJr in StanJr's Blog, 25 October 2018 · 122 views

I was going to talk Scenario building, but something else is really bugging me.  How much complexity will the average table top gamer endure?  I've played a LOT of modern board games and some are very simple and easy to jump right into, and some are more complex and take a few "guided" play throughs before they become easy to play (by "guided" I...

Candy Catcher - Atari 2600

Posted by Marc Oberhäuser in Marc Oberhäuser's Blog, 24 October 2018 · 107 views

Well, for this box I only did the printing. Since I never got the fitting cartridge/refund from disjaukifa I add this reproduction box for sale to until it my costs are covered.

My Random process for choosing a Super NT Console

Posted by GoldLeader in GoldLeader's Blog, 22 October 2018 · 97 views
SNES, Boring, Random, Average and 3 more...

Hi all!
This may end up being a boring read, but I thought I'd document my Super NT purchase in a Blog.  Just a one off... Mainly because I'm going to pick the color at random.
First, I've wanted an Analogue Super NT since they were first announced.   SNES in HD here I come!
For what it's worth (FWIW), when I could affo...

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