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No e-mail access

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 27 March 2015 · 36 views

I can't access my atari2600land@yahoo.com e-mail. Does anyone else on Yahoo have that problem, or is it just me? Anyway, I can't read any e-mails that anyone is sending me. Books are too expensive. I'm trying to find the two e-less novels (see yesterday's entry) and they're each like $20! So I'm going to try the local book store (The Book Bin's 2 Salem lo...

Ronda Rousey's message to Bethe Correia

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 27 March 2015 · 22 views
Ronda Rousey, Bethe Correia, UFC and 1 more...

If you havin' girl problems I feel bad for you son...

learning Unity

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 26 March 2015 · 64 views

For those who've never heard of it, Unity is a cross-platform game creation system: http://en.wikipedia....ty_(game_engine)
You can use it to develop games for current systems including Windows, OSX, web, IOS and Android.  Free to download & use and practically free if you ever decide to sell your creations.
Lurking on gamas...

New TV

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 25 March 2015 · 88 views

I bought a new 42" lcd tv for replace my old 32" lcd. Went to the store thinking to buy a 40" but the 42" price was good.
The problem was not the screen size, for me 32" was ok, but my old lcd had really bad contrast.
In the store I saw for the first time a huge (85" or so) 4k tv. But the 4k image quality looks better on smaller models.
I do...

Light control hardware - Spinax Part 003

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 25 March 2015 · 94 views

Light control hardware - Spinax Part 003 The control system for the lights on LEGO’s Spinax has been prototyped and programed for a simple sequence.  If your only interest is to see it in operation, check out the link to the YOUTUBE video.  If you want more information read on.

Spinax has 8 lights along its back. I wanted to be able to p...

Cruiz'in YouTube-March 2015- Press Start interviews Bubsy

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 24 March 2015 · 66 views

Cruiz'in YouTube-March 2015- Press Start interviews Bubsy I was cruiz'in Youtube today and found an interview with Bubsy Bobcat which was actually informative and funny.   Enjoy!!

When Atari brings color

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 24 March 2015 · 71 views

I played my Lynx today if it's still working. The last time I played it was 15 years ago.

Holy Batman. My lynx still works. ;-)  :thumbsup:

Ms. Pac-Man is great for this platform.
Geez.... Both Nintendo Game Boy and Atari Lynx were released at the same time at the end of 80s....

I suck at sprites.

Posted by Mord in Mord's Blog, 22 March 2015 · 100 views
7800basic, sprites

So while trying to do up semi-humanoid characters, I realized I suck at doing this. More than I anticipated that is. So, let's just BS an armless blob of a monster with stubby feet and call it the hero!  It's going to be "fun" trying to figure out what this guy's powers are going to be. XD
Going to be more fun trying to figure out what kind of...

Elgato impressed me today

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 21 March 2015 · 110 views

This morning I noticed the count for Schedules (for scheduled recordings) was only 65, which is way less than normal.  Looking into it, I realized the Programming Guide was missing data for any shows that started on or after 7pm of March 27th.  The guide usually covers just under 14 days, while March 27th is less than a week away.  

A PS/2 Keyboard on a TI-99/4A

Posted by --- Ω --- in TI-99/4A Stuff, 18 March 2015 · 132 views
TI-99/4A, PS/2, KEYBOARD and 1 more...

A PS/2 Keyboard on a TI-99/4A In the early 80's, keyboards on  'lower-end' computers left many users wanting improvement.  The TI-99/4A did not have the worst keyboard out there, but there was still room for improvement.  One company of the era took up the challenge, but I'm sorry to say, it missed the mark a little...

[Br]eaking [Ba]d

Posted by bomberpunk in bomberpunk's Blog, 16 March 2015 · 104 views

[#030] i missed out on Breaking Bad during it's run on television but after getting hooked on Better Call Saul (a spin-off show), I went back to start binge-watching as the whole series is on Netflix. i finally finished it up today. 
i've got some people at work to yell at. they described the series finale as God's gift to television. it was n...

Terraria for Xbox 360

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 14 March 2015 · 80 views

I just tried the Terraria demo for the Xbox 360 and so far it looks like it might be more fun than Miner Dig Deep . It feels like Miner Dig Deep crossed with a Super Nintendo game. I think I might buy it.
Some people say that it's just a side-scrolling 2D version of Minecraft . I tried Minecraft, but the low-res textures forced me to quit befor...

Doger:: Atari Jaguar Frogger game progress

Posted by sh3-rg in no code, only games now, 12 March 2015 · 154 views

While I'm busy with all things rB+ I've done a bit more work on the Doger tutorial game. There's new enemy sprites in the road section (5 sets of animated cat animations with different perspective, displayed based on their individual x-position for each of the 15 sprites). I've made a short tutorial to show how this is achieved and it's posted to the rB+...

Another Graphic Novel released

Posted by frankodragon in Frankodragon's Blog Stuffs, 11 March 2015 · 101 views
graphic novel, pirates, dragons

I know everyone is more interested in the 7800 game I've been working on but I just wanted to share some news about my newest graphic novel, 'Pirate Invasion of Castle Rack.'  Copies are available here .   There will also be a Kindle version. 
It's about dragon pirates invading Castle Rack and it's up to Erica, Allan and the r...

If only...

Posted by The Usotsuki in The Usotsuki Crunch, 28 February 2015 · 136 views

I've never been much of a game programmer by myself, and oftentimes I need a hand writing stuff.
Lately, I've found out about a couple so-called "sprite cards" that add a TMS9918 video display processor to the stock Apple ][, and this got me thinking, would people be interested in this stuff, if there were software for it? So I figured I'd try to...

Change of direction

Posted by Tickled_Pink in Syntax Terror Games, 26 February 2015 · 128 views

The old AA blog has been retired. It was too personal, which isn't something you really need to be putting up in public. There are other ways of going about things.
Something I'm pretty poor at doing is using social media platforms, of which blogs are now a part, to promote the game development business and the projects being worked on. Hell, I don...

Staycation 2015

Posted by wongojack in wongojack's Blog, 20 February 2015 · 162 views

So it seems that I've been taking an annual "staycation" to play video games since 2009.  Holy Fnck, that means I've been doing this for SEVEN years!  This tradition started in Jan of 2009 when my wife and I had been basically ripped off by a contractor we paid to remodel our home.  He stole about 17k from us and we ended up with no kitchen...

Shoot'em up game I'm making

Posted by Kiwi in Kiwi's Blog, 20 February 2015 · 172 views

I added background scrolling to this game.  It does lag the game a bit.  I divided the task up for the enemy object to occur every 3 frames, so 2 enemy movement would be process per frame.  Every frame or so, it'll lag a frame since the tiles are redrawn every 8 pixel have been scrolled.  So every 48 frames, it'll have that on...

Few thoughts on employment, mostly in a Perl context

Posted by scrottie in scrottie's Blog, 16 February 2015 · 124 views

I'm hearing a lot of employers complaining that they can't find good Perl talent.

But I'm not hearing much complaining from Perl programmers about not being able to find jobs.  For the most part, they're a long suffering, quiet, peaceful, sober group.  I guess in that regard I'm an oddball.

What I am seeing is Perl programmers taking jobs doin...

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