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Oranges that are actually orange.

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 23 June 2017 · 18 views

So I decided to take a stab at making Oranges for the Game Gear. This required downloading a lot of programs for my computer. But when I was done with that, another challenge hit me: I completely forgot how to make Game Gear games. So I looked through previous code I had done. I was able to get a title screen done last night before I went to bed. I woke u...

Revised station cores

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 22 June 2017 · 88 views

Nathan's revised the cores to be more solid and uniform between the horizontal and vertical stations. We've also changed it so the core will color cycle (provided it's being drawn by the ball ).
I've revised the enemy missiles. Each level (kids, easy, etc) starts at a different speed, and they speed up as you progress through the sectors. Additiona...


Posted by mojofltr in Here come ol' flattop, 22 June 2017 · 36 views

I want to optimize my code in Bombs Away to cut down on cycles and keep the frame rate steady while using only one drawscreen in the main game bank - instead of two drawscreens as I am using now.  I discovered that you can access the sprites 1-9 on an index of sorts... which will allow me to cut out code that was duplicated for each sprite!  O...

My Quest for the Activision Patches!

Posted by Bobbety_F in Bobbety_F's Blog, 20 June 2017 · 65 views
Activision patch, Ice Hockey

My Quest for the Activision Patches! In addition to videos of my Gaming Odyssey, I am also recording my quest for the Activision patches (in virtual form, although I may try to track some of them down on eBay at some point).
I had never heard of these until I happened upon Spider Fighter - which I think might just be the best single screen shooter ever made! – and, through emul...

Bubsy the Extra-Terrestrial

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 20 June 2017 · 69 views

I enjoyed Bubsy for SNES back in the day.
It is a fun game with some good music (at least on first stage). Bubsy Snes OST : gameplay is not great, but had good mechanics like the glider. And this was fast,
a Sonic like game engine on Snes, without blast processing.
I had a friend who where crazy ab...

The Bargain Game Hunter Episode 2 - GameCube stuff!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 20 June 2017 · 54 views
Bargain Hame Hunter, GameCube and 2 more...

Blowin' on that indo, GameCube, Nintendo.

eggomania, tennis, starmaster and yars' revenge

Posted by DarQ Massacres in DarQ Massacres' Atari 2600 collection, 18 June 2017 · 74 views

so, some more new editions that bring my total game count to 59.
I got tennis and starmaster because I want to get all the activision games first
yars' revenge because it has been too long that I haven't owned it already
and eggomania because it looks different.
eggomania has a messed up label, but all the others are in good condition

Cruiz'in YouTube - June 2017 - Great fan made Return of Woolies Trailer

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 15 June 2017 · 104 views

Cruiz'in YouTube - June 2017 - Great fan made Return of Woolies Trailer Saw this on Youtube and thought it was actually better and got me more hyped for the game (if that is even possible) than the actual trailer did:

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 10 June 2017 · 102 views

In the last installment, I went into some detail on the scoring algorithm I had worked out.  It turned out that there were a few bugs in it, but I think I have everything ironed out now.
I've gone a little beyond that, and I now have the score for the end popping up on the scoreboard.  I've also made the scoring rocks blink, but of course...

Do You Have an Amazon Wishlist? Make Sure People Can Send You Gifts.

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 06 June 2017 · 87 views
Amazon Wishlist and 2 more...

I got an e-mail from a friendly person today. They couldn't send me a gift from my Tip Jar Wish List because the address was blank. I went Googling for the answer and found out from an Amazon forum that an Amazon Wishlist shipping address is blank by default. You have to click on "List Settings," then click on "View Details," then change the shipping...

Favourite Atari 2600 Sports Games

Posted by AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol in AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol's Blog, 05 June 2017 · 110 views
sports, atari 2600

In order:
Realsports Soccer
Pole Position
Realsports Boxing
California Games
Realsports Baseball
Winter Games

This is the game that I got because I was so hooked on the Hyper Olympics (Track & Field) arcade game.  Released in time to take advantage of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic...

wav2tia redux

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 01 June 2017 · 135 views

So, can the TIA generate speech just using normal AUDC waveforms (versus AUDF based PCM)?
The initial results say no.  Although you can hear some of the inflection.
In the attachment is are two WAV files (one with just a simulated TIA output and one with a the input and output in stereo) along the code & executable I used.


Posted by DanOliver in VVHQ, 31 May 2017 · 199 views

Four years, no progress.
For me doing a game means producing a board, box, cart, manual. Giving a player a complete experience. I got everything nailed down except the board.
I had two basic board choices. Melody or non-Melody.
I know there is a debate about old school code or new. I understand the challenge of writing an old school g...

h01 - Rebooteroids

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 29 May 2017 · 203 views

Download or Listen to the Podcast Episode at http://atarijaguarga...01-rebooteroids
It's modern-day old-school rock blasting in this special homebrew episode of the Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast. Rebooteroids is an AtariAge-exclusive title by the Jaguar wizards at Reboot, a lovingly-crafted update to an Atari arcade classic....

MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and Two Synth Drums

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 27 May 2017 · 162 views
Midi, mms, drum

A second Atari8 running SYNDRUM3.BAS was added to the MIDI chain without timing problems.  There didn't seem to be a delay between the sounds from the two computers when playing 2 drum sounds on the same beat.   Listen to the drum patterns and judge for yourself.

Since the SYNDRUM program onl...

Powering on a TI SR-51-II

Posted by FireStar in FireStarW's Blog, 20 May 2017 · 214 views
TI, Electronics, Hardware, Twitch

A short while ago I got a 1976 TI SR-51-II calculator from a thrift store, without the power supply that goes with it, which is important because the calculator uses its own proprietary NiCad battery pack, which has long been dead. While I partially got the calculator just for looks, it would be nice to actually be able to use it.
The first youtube...

1 more year of school left YAY!

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira in DPYushira's Entertainment Blog, 19 May 2017 · 156 views

Junior year is over and this fall will be my senior year. Time flew by quick because I was just starting 8th grade when I first came here.

The Rover Pipeline: What a mess!

Posted by simbalion in Musings of the White Lion, 16 May 2017 · 205 views

It's been getting interesting here of late in my area of Ohio with the Rover Pipeline being built. The company building it, Energy Transfer Associates or something like that, has really been racking up the problems. This is the same company that flattened a historic farm property in Carrol county last year without any sort of permission or warning to the...

Blog 2

Posted by Buttons in Blog o' Buttons, 11 May 2017 · 346 views

Blog 2 YAY!!!  A successful superimposition!
Last winter, some meanies vandalized an ice sculpture in our downtown area, knocking out the letter "i" in our city.  Soooooo, I superimposed one of Papa's recent photos and made HIM the I in Richmond.
This was great fun and highly amusing to me.
P.S.  I will work on better blog tit...

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