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Cruiz'in YouTube-May 2015 *BONUS* Bubsy in Sonic 2

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 30 May 2015 · 8 views

Cruiz'in YouTube-May 2015 *BONUS*  Bubsy in Sonic 2 This was such cool news I had to post it now.   Bubsy has been hacked into Sonic 2.  :D
This is too funny.  Check it out on this You Tube video:

And more discussion of it here:
Looks like they exaggerate the falling damage and j...

Didj videos

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 29 May 2015 · 32 views

I have decided to make a video for each Didj game. Since there's only 16, I figured it shouldn't take too long. I'm not going to do it all at once, though. I decided to do this after I found no videos for the Sonic game. So I did one a few months ago. A couple of people seemed to like it. So the next game I'm going to make a video of me playing is Didji R...

Graze (2015-05-28)

Posted by Mord in Mord's Blog, 28 May 2015 · 55 views
7800basic, graze

I had the goal for the revive mode being done for this Sunday, but since I added Revive, added GameOver, added 2nd player and implemented the console switches... I might as well do an update now :D

Left Difficulty will eventually turn on/off the background music if I get around to adding any. It sets it's flag properly but there's obviousl...


Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 28 May 2015 · 37 views
planet Ceres

Ceres Ceres the dwarf planet looks like a moon,

First year of High School is in the books and future plans.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira in DPYushira's Entertainment Blog, 27 May 2015 · 74 views

Summer vacation is here and it is gonna be fun as always. Chigura just graduated HS so between me and my siblings, 3 down 3 to go in 3 straight years with Michael Jr. on the heels of making it 4 for 4 when he graduates this coming fiscal year. Sadly, the run stops there. It would've been nice for me to make it 5 for 5 but alas it'll be 5 for 6 and Kuuga w...

An unexpected Loot Crate!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 26 May 2015 · 56 views
Loot Crate, Steven Universe and 2 more...

I already canceled but this still came in the mail!

Sally Ride Triggers the Rapture

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 26 May 2015 · 107 views

Sally Ride triggers the Rapture:

Random Terrain

Coastal A's and Rods 23rd Annual Fun Run

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 25 May 2015 · 68 views

Coastal A's and Rods has a street rod event event, known as the Fun Run, down in Corpus Christi for Memorial Day Weekend.  
My brother-in-law Eric entered the Big Hot Wheels Toy that they brought up for the Houston Art Car Parade .  They won the Kids Choice award :thumbsup:

Boxes for Intellivision Trading Card Series 1 - 4

Posted by Marc Oberhäuser in Marc Oberhäuser's Blog, 23 May 2015 · 157 views

Several people asked me if I could do extra regular sized boxes for my trading card series. Those box designs are done now and they are ready to order. One box is EURO 12.00, if you want all four the total is EURO 45. There will be no additional shipping costs if you are going to order them with the 4th set. The 5th box will be available when the 5th and...

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Spoiler-free movie review (plus free bonus rant!)

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 22 May 2015 · 135 views

Okay... let's try this again.

After my last attempt to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, I was so fed-up with going to the movies, I really had no interest in trying again. But here I am, in a different multiplex, ten minutes away from my second attempt. I'm not holding out much hope, since I've since read several articles that state that movie theater chains...

Can I ………?

Posted by Pack007 in Diamond in the Rough, 22 May 2015 · 74 views

Can I ………? ANSWER:  Yes, you can use an Atari mouse plugged into port 1 while using the digital pins on port 0 as outputs while operating in the Diamond GOS environment.
The answer was needed because I’ve been thinking about writing the control software for some hardware projects to work under the Diamond GOS. As a test, this short program was writ...

SHIFT838 Newsletter - A valuable resource indeed!

Posted by --- Ω --- in TI-99/4A Stuff, 20 May 2015 · 116 views

Chris (Cschneider ) Schneider, one of the TI Communities nicest guy's has been devoting a great deal of his personal time to bring us all some great newsletters, full of fantastic and informative articles.  There are great 'behind the scenes ' intervi...

7800basic tutorial - sprite and tile interactions

Posted by RevEng in dragging through the retro streets at dawn, 17 May 2015 · 149 views

checking sprite and tile "collisions"

The 7800 has 2 types of display objects, sprites and character/tile graphics. Usually a game's display is made up of tiles for the background, and sprites for the moving objects.

As a game designer, at some point you'll probably want to check which tile(s) your game sprites are moving over, or about to move over. M...

Complete Guide to Tutankham (2600)

Posted by StanJr in StanJr's Blog, 14 May 2015 · 160 views

NOTE:  I am attempting to port over all of my old "Ultimate Strategy Guides" from the old Atarinvader.com site.  The site is archived somewhere deep in the annals of the internet and that is my only resource for retrieval.   I apologize that for right now these will be text only, but I hope to migrate them all over at some point and revital...

58 test

Posted by Mountain King in Mountain King's Blog, 10 May 2015 · 95 views


Another Road Block

Posted by simbalion in Musings of the White Lion, 07 May 2015 · 129 views

I just hit another road block with trying to sell some of my antique radios. I finally got ahold of Estes Radio Auctions today and once again, was told no console radios, especially the ones on legs. I guess what is happening is they are getting swamped with bidders only willing to pay five to ten dollars for a radio, no matter how nice it is, a...

Pocket Joystick Tester

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 28 April 2015 · 210 views

Pocket Joystick Tester      Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could check your joystick but your Atari game system or computer was not within reach?  Maybe you’re at the flea market looking for a joystick.  Maybe you’re at your work bench.  Maybe you want to check out the broken joystick that your friend gave y...

indigoLoop (part 18)

Posted by seemo in The art of being clueless, 26 April 2015 · 126 views

Being able to define the length of a loop makes it possible to have different sounds playing different subdivisions. 
This video shows four loops where the bass drum and the hi-hat are played with different subdivisions of the loop (7vs4 - 28 beat loop / 4vs5 - 20 beat loop / 3vs2 - 18 beat loop / 6vs5 - 30 beat loop) 

What is favorite and/or least favorite Atari game?

Posted by AtariIntellect in Atari Randomness, 24 April 2015 · 139 views

Hey guys, thanks for the 150+ blog views! I am a very big fan of Pitfall! and I hate Pac-Man.

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Posted by Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory Blog, 24 April 2015 · 154 views

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