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Back to the Odyssey 2

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 24 November 2017 · 1 views

So I revisited the Oranges game I made for the Odyssey 2 and made a few changes to it. This inspired me to want to work on a new Odyssey 2 game. There's just one problem: No ideas. I guess that's the problem when you've done so many Odyssey 2 games you could vomit. I have 8 published games, from various publishers. I guess Oranges is a glorified version o...

Bubsy wishes happy Thanksgiving

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 23 November 2017 · 34 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Happy Thanksgiving

With five days left on the guess the arcade game contest that the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog is hosting, Bubsy on the twitter feed sends out his wish for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING...

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as well.  My second favorite holiday!
-Doctor Clu

Dell UltraSharp 2007FPb quick comparisons to 2001FP

Posted by OLD CS1 in OLD CS1's Blog, 22 November 2017 · 60 views

Dell UltraSharp 2007FPb quick comparisons to 2001FP I received the UltraSharp 2007FPb this week and tried it with both my Sega Nomad and TI-99/4A.  There are some significant differences to the UltraSharp 2001FP which I covered before .  Most importantly, as with the 2001FP the 2007FPb will sync properly to a 240p signal, though also samples it as a 480i signal.
Dell moved the power supply...

NXT has a new champion!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 22 November 2017 · 40 views

Atari 2600/7800 Ad (May/June 1989)

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 22 November 2017 · 61 views

This Atari 2600/7800 ad was in the May/June 1989 premier issue of GAMEPRO .


ONLY $59.99
Atari 7800


ONLY $39.99
ATARI 2600


Guerrilla Game #4

Posted by vidak in vidak's Blog, 22 November 2017 · 42 views

I figure posting on here is better than clogging up the forums.
I'm learning a lot by constructing my own kernel. I suppose the first thing to mention is that if you are drawing an asymmetric playfield, you MUST consciously draw the playfield every line. You are forced to update it every line, otherwise the right half will be displayed on the left...

A blog trash can.

Posted by WizardBone in T.R.A.S.H Blog, 21 November 2017 · 62 views

You are picking through my trash again I see. tsk tsk.

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 17 November 2017 · 124 views

I've now finished the last of the major changes to the shooting system, and the curl application phase is now much simpler and more effective.

The original curl phase of the shooting process involved an ugly gauge that you used to apply curl in various degrees.  This just didn't work well at all, so now it's very simple: you curl up,...

Atari Games Elimination Tournament - Sports Edition - Prelimary Round

Posted by AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol in AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol's Blog, 16 November 2017 · 133 views

So, there is a collection of 24 games that will try to make it past the first hurdle in becoming the best Atari 2600 sport game ever.  There are some titles here that will put on a brave face and try to punch over their weight class.  Barely 4kb lightweights against some 16kb behemoths?  Who will make it past the initial round and get a goo...

Collectionof 72 Atari 2600 Games for Sale

Posted by zipperzeppa in Atari 2600 Collection Bulk Box/ Cartridge Sale, 16 November 2017 · 148 views

Looking to Sell my collection of Atari 2600 games & boxes. A good mix of standard games with a mix of a few rare & in demand titles. . Wife said time to let them go. I need to determine which boxes have cartridges, believe most if not all are available with the game. If interested I will confirm which cartridges if any are missing from the bo...

Thor: Ragnarok - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 16 November 2017 · 211 views

It's been a few months since I've reviewed any movies. I did get out to see Dunkirk after Spider-Man: Homecoming, but never wrote up a review for it. In short - I thought it was really well done. Very different from a typical war movie, and well worth seeing on a big screen. But since it's out of theaters now... I don't think you'd get the same sort of...

Screen Enhancements

Posted by walker7 in The Best Assembly Computer, 15 November 2017 · 89 views
assembly, computer, 8-bit, 16-bit and 5 more...

When assembling, there are several different screen enhancements that could use to make the experience more enjoyable.  One way is to change the background and foreground colors.
This is the shot from the previous installment:
By pressing a c...

I got Mouse, South Park season 9, Froot Loops cereal from mail

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 15 November 2017 · 83 views

I got Mouse, South Park season 9, Froot Loops cereal from mail I got my order yesterday. My new mouse, South Park season 9 and Froot Loops cereal.
I started wonder if one day, we could order the whole grocerie by mail.
Ice cream, frozen cakes, fish, fruits, vegetables and other could be a challenge to send them by mail.

Hidden Mr. Dream dodge sprite from Punch Out NES

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira in DPYushira's Entertainment Blog, 12 November 2017 · 121 views

For the record, I call this a hidden sprite rather than an unused sprite because each fighter in Punch Out actually has a dodge sprites to avoid uppercuts except for King Hippo of course. But to those who don't dodge uppercuts so often, Glass Joe, Great Tiger, and Mike Tyson do dodge uppercuts. It was discovered that Glass Joe will dodge uppercuts after t...

19 - Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 08 November 2017 · 124 views

Download or listen to the Podcast Episode at http://atarijaguarga...he-shadow-falls
Double the dragons, double the fun? Find out in this episode, where we go through the inspiration and history behind the one-on-one fighting game Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. We analyze the characters, find surprising gam...

Intellivision Colors - Food Coloring Style

Posted by walker7 in 8-bit Computer System Colors in Food Coloring, 07 November 2017 · 199 views
intellivision, colors, palette and 3 more...

Did you ever enjoy playing with food coloring?  I did, many times.  And that, plus my lifetime fascination with computers inspired me to come up with this blog.
These are the 16 colors from the Intellivision, rendered in McCormick Food Coloring.  It uses the standard red/yellow/green/blue, plus the neon purple/green/pink/blue, and bl...

Master System Minimalist Art - Part 3

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 04 November 2017 · 170 views

This is a new batch of minimalist box covers using SMS style art, because is fun to do it.
Drawings from internet.

Video Game History

Posted by AtariMI1978 in AtariMI1978's Blog, 03 November 2017 · 133 views
Atari, Atari2600, N64, Nintendo and 6 more...

Video Game History Link to my blog via Blogger.com 
My Video Game History

When is a 410 not a 410?

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 26 October 2017 · 216 views
410, Cassette, recorder

When is a 410 not a 410? When it’s a camouflaged storage box.

It took me years of careful deliberation before I could gut one of my 410 Data Cassette Recorders.  I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to replace the belts just so I could play "Sammy the Sea Serpent"....

My Panasonic 42 PLASMA shorted out

Posted by Cafeman in Caféman's Blog, 25 October 2017 · 195 views

Of all the strange timing. I hooked up my Atari Xegs to the VCR with RF cable, which is hooked up to the hdtv's video input. You see, I finally programmed Adventure II XEGS onto my first Atari max cart and was planning to start real hardware play testing. At first I just popped in Jungle Hunt. Had truly awful connection, lots of static. Then... the hdtv w...

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