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DB9 Experimenter Box

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 20 June 2018 · 18 views

DB9 Experimenter Box Someday I'm going to take a photo while experimenting with DB9 connectors on the Atari Joystick ports or RS-232 ports and this box is going to be in the middle of a mess of wires.  Some one is likely to ask,  "What's up with that box?"  This is an attempt to have this information ready to answer that very question.


Posted by DoctorSpuds in DoctorSpuds Reviews Things, 20 June 2018 · 23 views
This game is bad

Coconuts Telesys wasn't known for making very good games, their quality was hit or miss at the best of times. Coconuts unfortunately is a big 'ol miss, in more ways than one. This game takes a similar concept to Telesys' other smash hit game, Fast Food and tweaks it a little, I'll get to that in the game-play section, since I feel this review may be lacking some l...


Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 20 June 2018 · 20 views

So when my Hamburgers game gets finished, it will have 7 stages. I need some room for an ending and a game over screen, so that's what prompted me to decide that. And the "perfect score" will be 1,001. So that means that in order to advance to the next level, you'll need to shoot 143 milkshakes. 143 times 7 is 1,001. I read somewhere that 143 was also Mr....

Incredibles 2 - Spoiler-free review

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 19 June 2018 · 79 views
Movies, Animation

Hey look - another review!
You'd almost think that a whole bunch of movies were being released at the same time of the year for some reason.
Can't imagine why. The weather's beautiful outside today.
It's been fourteen years since The Incredibles was released. How long ago is that? Well, that's before this blog existe...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware in AverageSoftware's Development Blog, 16 June 2018 · 64 views

Haven't posted here in quite some time, because the stuff I've been working on has just been such a pain.
The most difficult part of this project so far has been the collision code, and I totally expected that to be the case.  I've made three attempts at coming up with a system for this, and they all reached a state where I thought they worked...

Diamond Divide Macro (40) Mod

Posted by Pack007 in Diamond in the Rough, 14 June 2018 · 57 views
Diamond, macro

Diamond Divide Macro (40) Mod  
While programing dMetronome I had to learn a few things. How to divide the number of DLIs in a minute by the number of DLIs to get beats per min.  I finally got to the point where I could use the Diamond Macro Divide to handle the division and as long as I kept the answer to one byte I was fine but there were many tribulations along the way....

BBS trotting - Thirteenth (13th) Leader, Hard Core, & Wrong Number ][

Posted by doctorclu in Doctor Clu's BBS Trotter, 11 June 2018 · 88 views

Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS
June 8, 2018 pjones1063
   Telnet: 13leader.net:8023 SSH: ipnot.click:8022 Software: Mystic Connection: Telnet Nodes: 24
Location: Vineland, ON, Canada
13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’...

BOARD GAME (Development 1)

Posted by StanJr in StanJr's Blog, 04 June 2018 · 88 views

Developing a board game is hard.  I can't even imagine starting from scratch now at my age.  I am extremely fortunate that I did all of the groundwork for this 25 years ago by pulling from AD&D, Hero Quest, NES RPGs and god knows what else.  Even so, developing a board game, even from a good start, is hard.  There's a whole lot of...

Zdoom + Gamepad

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 04 June 2018 · 75 views

I took two days to find the right combination to play zdoom with the gamepad.
Zdoom is a free engine to play classic fps games. It supports doom, hexen, strife, ...
Good thing.  The joystick has evolved since Atari 2600.

Don't Call It a Comeback...

Posted by bomberpunk in bomberpunk's Blog, 02 June 2018 · 71 views

[#043] No, seriously. I've been gone for a long time, and I will most likely keep up this trend and only "check in" a few times year.
My last blog post was February 2017, and my last topic post on the board was in December 2017 (in the Secret Santa thread, and I feel bad for never letting my Secret Santa know he/she did a great job with my presents...

Bubsy the Bobcat | LinkedIn

Posted by doctorclu in Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog, 30 May 2018 · 89 views

Bubsy's complete LinkedIn entry.   Some good laughs in there.

My second drawing

Posted by Lefty1430 in Return of the Bobcat, 28 May 2018 · 78 views

After hours of drawing and erasing last night, I completed my second drawing. This time it's one of the level cutscenes from Bubsy 3D. Actually had a lot of fun doing this one. 
But by the time I was doing the audience of woolies, I got a little lazy. XD 
I need to learn how to properly scan and color digitally. It'd look so much better... 

Purrfecttrio is now on Twitch.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira in DPYushira's Entertainment Blog, 28 May 2018 · 74 views

The YouTube channel will be back in action soon but recently we decided to delve into Twitch using PS4 for the time being. The first vid is of Mega Man 1 as part of the MM Legacy Collection 1 by Azul Fria/Ice Queen Zero. 
All of us have gotten a little rusty from concentrating on taking care of important...

X-Y Plotter Table For The TI 99/4A Computer - Updated 6/17/18

Posted by Vorticon in Vorticon's Blog, 25 May 2018 · 146 views

So I've been mulling the idea of creating an X-Y table for my TI computer, which could be used to draw a bitmap image or perhaps do some laser engraving. I searched the web for inspiration and found this ingenious video by HomoFaciens where he uses the stepper platform that moves the laser head in optical drives to create a very effective but small X-Y pl...

Mega May continues!

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 22 May 2018 · 76 views
Mega Man, Rockman, Mega Man 1 and 2 more...

Takin' it back to the old school
Cause I'm an old fool that's so cool

23 - Cannon Fodder

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 10 May 2018 · 142 views

Download or Listen to the Podcast Episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/23-cannon-fodder
Form a line at the bottom of Boot Hill and wait to be waved in to the disturbing fun of Cannon Fodder! In this episode, we learn a bit about Sensible Software, how this game ended up on the Jaguar, and how this version differs from the many other ports....

Next music to compose after Africa by Toto?

Posted by newcoleco in newcoleco's Random Blog, 02 May 2018 · 278 views
music, 1982, poll, coleco and 1 more...

The way I've selected Africa by Toto was by searching the Greatest Hits of 1982. The number of views on Youtube for the song Africa released in September 1982 is very high, but the song isn't present in the Greatest Hits of 1982, but in the one in 1983, which surprised me.
Anyway, the list of Greatest Hits included the obvious "Survivor - Eye of th...

3D Printers - New Tech protecting our new "TI-Toys" (Updated 06/7/18)

Posted by --- Ω --- in TI-99/4A Stuff, 23 April 2018 · 316 views
3D Printing, TI-99/4A, TIPI and 1 more...

Currently, few people have a decent 3D printer, even fewer people have the design skills to create cool stuff on them.  It's really no problem because here at AtariAge we have a diverse community.  We have people with almost every skill to fill almost every available niche.  One member, who goes by "COREi64 " has the printer, the skill set...

Master System Minimalist Box Art - Part 4

Posted by LS_Dracon in Draconland, 20 April 2018 · 152 views

I'm doing these mock ups for fun.
Images from internet.
Previous :
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1

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