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Posted by sh3-rg in no code, only games now, 04 August 2015 · 12 views

Decided to just post updates to the rB+ forum instead, made a thread there .

Alphabet Avenue

Posted by atari2600land in atari2600land's Blog, 03 August 2015 · 29 views

I'm surprised the makers of Sesame Street would want to confuse kids like this. Is it Sesame Street or Alphabet Avenue? Why not just name the show Alphabet Avenue when it premiered in 1969? Perhaps Sesame Street turns into Alphabet Avenue, like how our streets in our town turn into other streets. Capitol St. turning into Fairgrounds Rd. is one of the many...

Overscan Jitter

Posted by SpiceWare in SpiceWare's Blog, 03 August 2015 · 39 views

One of the limitations of Stella is it doesn't emulate the jitter that occurs if overscan runs longer/shorter than normal. This is a quick attempt to address this. TIA.hxx
Change currentFrameBuffer
uInt8* currentFrameBuffer() const { return myCurrentFrameBuffer + myFramePointerOffset + myVariableScanlineJitter*160; }
Add myVariableScanlineJ...

Bling (with practicality) for the P-Box!

Posted by --- Ω --- in TI-99/4A Stuff, 02 August 2015 · 70 views
TI-99/4A, HDX, BLING and 1 more...

Being that 'necessity is the mother of invention', this project was inevitable...
NEED(s):    1) A way to toggle the interrupt line of my HDX.
         2) An easy way to reset the memory in the HDX.
         3) Wanting to know the P-Box's temperature since


It was a warm night at the end of Spring. Syzygy Anema was playing Namco Museum: 50th Anniversary on her PS2. She was bored, having played most of the games on the collection. (She had yet to unlock Galaga '88 and Pac-Mania.) She decided to beat Rolling Thunder again. But when she got to it on the menu, the machine's screen was blank. She selected it anyw...

Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. and Olimar

Posted by MegaManFan in MegaManFan's Blog, 30 July 2015 · 43 views
Amiibo, Nintendo, Bowser Jr. and 4 more...

Another good day for Amiibos I'd say! It also sounds like the set up for a joke: Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. and Olimar walk into a bar...

Lesson 3: Stack Manipulation and a Little Programming

Posted by Lee Stewart in Learning fbForth 2.0, 30 July 2015 · 74 views
fbForth, Forth

Lesson 3: Stack Manipulation and a Little Programming In this lesson we will learn a few new arithmetic words, several words for stack manipulation and how to use them all in programming, i.e ., defining new words.
Before we do much more Forth arithmetic, let’s exercise our brains with some infix-to-postfix and postfix-to-infix conversions.  Remember that infix notation is the same as a...

Damn good Amiga Boing Ball animated images

Posted by OLD CS1 in OLD CS1's Blog, 30 July 2015 · 65 views

I lifted my current avatar from here .

Seiko RC-1000 Watch Terminal < Atari RS232 connection

Posted by Pack007 in Out of the Pack, 28 July 2015 · 88 views
Seiko, RC1000, 850, RS232

Seiko RC-1000 Watch Terminal < Atari RS232 connection Back in the day, I started writing Atari BASIC software to edit and transmit data to a Seiko RC-1000 Wrist Terminal Watch.  This may have been the only time an Atari 8Bit, 850 interface, and RC-1000 were in the same room and if it happens again, you may want the following information to write a proper editor.

Watchlist 7.27.15

Posted by VectorGamer in Greed Is Good, 27 July 2015 · 60 views

Stocks I'm watching this week with buy points and date of earnings report
ANET 88.66 8/6
TASR 36.05 7/28
ROST 54.55 8/21
JAZZ 191.11
MNK 134.36
ABMD 77.00 8/4
MOH 74.08 7/30
HBI 34.90
CRM 78.56 8/17
LOGM 70.10

Almost had the steal of a century.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira in DPYushira's Entertainment Blog, 26 July 2015 · 134 views

There is a local pawn shop I sometimes visit and today I saw what looked to be a rare game and it was Robin Hood for the Colecovision. I looked online and saw it was a 7 on the rarity sale according to colecovisionzone and I asked how much were the Colecovision games since he had quite a bit of CV and 2600 games I figured he didn't know what he had. Thus...

It's out

Posted by Shinto in The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast, 25 July 2015 · 113 views

I've been thinking about it for years, actively planning for months, and now I've finally launched my new podcast, Atari Jaguar Game by Game (obviously, given the name of this blog).  I'm alternating between excited and terrified, though currently leaning toward the latter.  Leaning heavily.
Ferg and Phil and Willie and Ar-Kay have given...

Save Draft

Posted by bomberpunk in bomberpunk's Blog, 22 July 2015 · 72 views

[#033] Always remember to click SAVE DRAFT so that you don't lose your nearly-finished blog with one unlucky accidental press of the wrong key.

Minions - Spoiler-free movie review

Posted by Nathan Strum in (Insert stupid Blog name here), 22 July 2015 · 98 views
Movies, Animation

Okay... I had no plans to see Minions, but when your impossibly adorable niece wants to go see a movie, how can you say "no"? Plus, I went to CalArts with one of the directors. 
So, we saw Minions. She loved it. 
For me, not so much. 
The Minions are fine in small doses as comedy relief, but their incomprehensible gibberish wears pretty thi...

New Horizons reaches Pluto

Posted by Serguei2 in Robin Gravel's Blog, 22 July 2015 · 67 views

Yeah. New Horizons finally reaches Pluto at last.
Frozen plains on Pluto
Mountain range on Pluto
Why I am late to...

BurgerTime Remake: The Start

Posted by splendidnut in splendidnut's Blog, 20 July 2015 · 176 views

M Network's BurgerTime for the Atari 2600 is a decent game.  It was one of the first games I played on an Atari 2600 emulator back in the late 1990's.  But it is not without it's issues.  The chef moves quite sluggishly, the graphics are bit on the bland side, and the controls could do with some improving.  The graphics were a compromi...

RCA switchbox solution

Posted by Zsuttle in Zsuttle's gaming adventures, 20 July 2015 · 103 views

After visiting relatives and having to fix their antenna cables I looked at the masthead amplifier for their antenna. It amplifies the signal coming from the antenna (duh).  
Because of where it is located the power and the signal travel through the same cable much like the studio ii. The voltage and current are a little different but it essentially...

WebGUI says goodbye to Image::Magick

Posted by scrottie in scrottie's Blog, 11 July 2015 · 176 views

One request we've had for years is to put WebGUI on CPAN, but we always reached the conclusion that we had to get rid of Image::Magick first.  I think the discussion went along the lines of, yes, we could put it on CPAN, and we want to, but first we need to get rid of Image::Magick.
For many years, virtually all WebGUI installs were on top of...

Affordable LED Lightbulbs

Posted by Random Terrain in Random Terrain's Tetraternarium, 08 July 2015 · 147 views

Got 3 LED bulbs a couple of days ago and I like them so far. Each one was 2 dollars and something instead of 7 dollars or more, so I took a chance.
I plan to buy more over time. They seem to be brighter than normal 60 watt bulbs, but only use 9.5 watts. They also seem to be safer than curly fluorescent bulbs. They'll supposedly last 13 years, but...

No Windows 10 for me

Posted by EricBall in EricBall's Tech Projects, 06 July 2015 · 241 views

The Acer Aspire One netbook we bought after the fire has turned out to be a decent computer (especially with a RAM & SSD upgrade).  It came loaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition and (bonus) MS Office Starter Edition.
The free upgrade to Windows 10 sounded like a good idea.  Not only would I get all of the ongoing security updates etc....

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