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Events for April 01, 2017

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----- Chicago TI User's Group Meeting
By Victor


The Chicago T.I. User's Group is planning on holding their monthly meeting this Saturday, April 1 (no joke!) at the Evanston Public Library, starting at 1:30 P.M.  An important change this month from our usual location is that we will NOT be on the THIRD floor where we usually meet, but on the SECOND floor, in the Newberry Room!   As usual, we will get together beforehand at the local Burger King, 1 block northwest of the library.  We had a surprise visit from John Phillips (noted TI programmer) last month, and hope he shows up again this month.  Lots of his programs will be demonstrated, and other fun stuff.  You can watch live on U-Stream, and previous meetings including last month's interview with Mr. Phillips.
Try "ChicagoTIUsersGroup's-show"
Victor Steerup
President, CTIUG

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