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Net Metering Active!

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 17 May 2019 · 66 views

Received my electric bill for April 15 thru May 15:


At 9am this morning my meter showed 293 kWh total of excess solar production had been sent since turning on my panels .  The bill shows I was credited for 254 kWh thru the 15th, so it appears they've credited me for most, if not all, of the excess solar.    

Car charging via Solar + Powerwall

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 16 May 2019 · 63 views

After the comments on the blog entry Increased Backup Reserve I was curious how well this would work:
As a reminder the circuits for the AC and the 14-50 outlet for my Tesla are in a new sub/side panel, which gets disabled if the grid goes down.

LED replacement for Halogen

Posted by SpiceWare, 10 May 2019 · 216 views

One thing about having the Tesla App for my Solar and Powerwall is I'm more aware of my power usage, which reminded me that my floor lamps use 300 watt halogen bulbs.  Over the past few years I've on occasion looked for a suitable replacement for the lamp, but never had any luck. This time around I found an LED Replacement bulb that looked interesti...

First week

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 09 May 2019 · 76 views

For some reason Impact is now back to being Performance (see addendum in a previous blog entry ).

With Performance the Self Powered shows 57%, though the date range for the Week is wrong:

Energy Usage screen has the correct date range.

Solar produced of 83% of my power usage (230/277)...

Increased Backup Reserve

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 08 May 2019 · 134 views

Yesterday was very stormy, very little sun made it thru in the morning so after charging my car after lunch the battery was down to 15% (usually it'd be in the 90s). There was so much cloud coverage after lunch that no solar power was produced for the rest of the day, so the battery did not gain any additional charge.

From th...

Hidden info shows better performance

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 07 May 2019 · 159 views

Something unexpected happened, so one more daily update!
Based on this:

it appears solar covered 75% of my electricity usage yesterday (54% was used direct, 21% was sent to the Powerwall for use when the sun went down).  However, this morning I discovered that the graphs:

can be slid up


First weekend, and a grid outage

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 06 May 2019 · 109 views

On Saturday I was 61% self powered:

Saturday Usage:

Saturday Solar:

Saturday Powerwall:

Saturday Grid:

Saturday Overall Summary:

On Sunday I was 70% self powered:

First 2 days

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 04 May 2019 · 125 views

On Thursday I was 62% self powered:

Electricity usage for Thursday:

Spikes = Air Conditioner
Powering up things for the day - home and work computers, lights, coffee maker, etc.
AC spikes disappear for a bit in the morning as my AC is set for 70°F during the night and 74°F during the day.
Charging the ca...

Storm Watch!

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 03 May 2019 · 94 views

During the day the Powerwall will charge up using any excess solar. It will feed back to the house if solar isn't producing enough, but will stop doing that if its charge drops down to 16%. It's been very overcast today, so my Powerwall's not gained very much.

Just received this:

Status shows Sto...

Solar is active!

Posted by SpiceWare, in Tesla 27 April 2019 · 161 views

I finally received approval to turn the system on as of Friday the 26th.  Somethings not quite right though as it shows Standby and the Powerwall at 0%.

Solar power is being generated though, so the standby above is most likely for the Powerwall.

I am able to utilize it as seen in the following.  ...

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