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Lynx 20 years

Who am I

Posted by karri, 13 May 2009 · 660 views
Lynx 20 years
Here is a small picture of me at the beach of Abel Tasman in January.

My plan is to make a public release of Lynx Solitare at the Lynx 20 years event.

This solitare will have Klondike, Freecell and perhaps Spider as available card games. In addition to that I will sit down on my...


Posted by karri, 05 March 2007 · 567 views


Posted by karri, 25 September 2006 · 628 views
I assume that the Soundtool is the most developer-oriented piece of software on the MegaPak cart. But it can be entertaining for others too.

The MegaPak orchestra consist of 5 instruments.

The Lynx has 4 channels that it can play at the same time. For some tunes like the Mozart Sonata I have one channel for the right hand and...

I found a bug!

Posted by karri, 23 September 2006 · 384 views
This bug has bugged me for over a year now. And now I found it :D

A few years ago I started to play around with the Lynx sound engine. It sucks.

Anyway, I decided to find out if there is any decent sound available in that hardware and wrote a piece of code that produced every sound the Lynx is capable of producing. After that I started to remove...

The final cart is here!

Posted by karri, 16 September 2006 · 445 views
Wow. After lots of work the final build of the MegaPak is here.

My impression is that the LOL operating system makes the Atari Lynx feel very much like a modern console. It is fun just to move around the menus, listen to the tunes and fine-tune the preferences.

So the next question is what games are...

Get back to work!

Posted by karri, 06 August 2006 · 357 views
Riding on the scandies in Norway is like being part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

No roads or houses to be seen anywhere, just vaste green hills and crystal clear cold rivers to wade in.

The summer has been exceptionally hot so we even arranged some foam-dancing to cool down in the evening.


80 - 20 rule

Posted by karri, 07 June 2006 · 409 views
There is an old saying that when you code a game you get 80% done in 20% of the time. The last 20% of the game then takes up 80% of your time.

This seems to be the case also with MegaPak. We are now fine-tuning the playability of the cart, adding new graphics and fixing tons of small nasty details that our beloved testers don't...

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