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The frustration that is Aliexpress

Posted by Christos, 05 August 2014 · 1,983 views
Alliexpress, Sucks
As you may or may not know Alliexpress is a short of an ebay alternative and Aliexpress sucks ! Seriously don't buy from aliexpress! Never buy from Aliexpress . Send Aliexpress where it belongs, to history! 
Long story short. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen from a seller in Aliexpress and the item was defective.  Meaning that the dig...

What I am up to

Posted by Christos, 14 February 2013 · 825 views
mindsoft, website development
Hello,It's been quite a long time since I last posted anything here. There is a good reason for that, I've been quite occupied with making websites and other IT related stuff. We've also spent quite a bit of time in creating our website from scratch. You can find it here: Mindsoft IT solutions  .Our english pages are still under construction b...

Quick extract 0.5. I'll call it a public beta..

Posted by Christos, 13 March 2012 · 1,818 views

So here's the next version of quick extract. After some complaints about the distribution method this zip file has all the files you'll ever need. Just replace everything and it will work.
What's new?

1. It now supports bz2 and tar.bz2 files.
2. Fixed bugs at tar.gz handling, it didn't work as it should but it will now. Hopefully any...

Ubuntu 11.10. Oneiric Ocelot and MiNT 1-17-0

Posted by Christos, 10 February 2012 · 1,080 views

It's been over a few weeks since I decided to move over to Ubuntu from windows. I have a dual boot system but I booted on windows only twice. One time to check something in the hardware from a windows only program, and another to see if it still works. I think I can do all the things I want from that, at the moment at least. Unfortunately I didn't...

Downfall Falcon

Posted by Christos, 13 November 2011 · 1,124 views
Atari Falcon Game
Some time ago I wrote about Downfall for the atari jaguar and how much fun we had while developing it. For this falcon port little has changed in that respect. GGN tried to add to the game and with the graphics by Templeton and Sh3 the falcon gained a lot of interesting backgrounds. 505 signs the music in this one and the samples from the jaguar version...

Attempt at something new.

Posted by Christos, 31 October 2011 · 763 views

Have you heard my voice?
I guess not, so here is your chance :). I tried to make a new video today, of me presenting my atari falcon 060, what sort of hardware I have, how it all looks like etc. I did it in english for the international crowd and I am not sure how it would appeal to people. So express your views, even if they are on the harsh side (I was...

Summer vacations.

Posted by Christos, 28 July 2011 · 1,197 views

Some of you may wonder why there is nothing Atari related from me. Truth is.. demotivation! Without anything exciting going on in the ST side of things (at least in front of the scenes) I find that my ct63 is rarely turned on. Also, I've been enjoying some summer vacations in Chalkidiki. Here's a sky!

Falcon youtube.

Posted by Christos, 02 June 2011 · 771 views

As some of you know (the faithful readers at least) I've been posting a few falcon and ST vids on youtube. I am at a point in time that I have very few ideas on what to post, so I am looking for your recommendations. What falcon video would you like to see?

Downfall by Reboot. For the Atari Jaguar.

Posted by Christos, 18 April 2011 · 812 views

Well, this isn't the first time that I've been involved in the development of software and especially games but this is one of my favourites. First of all it took only 12 days to make and it was great fun while it lasted. The coders had the main engine up and running in just a few hours and then it was all testing, adding assets, more testing and...

Low Res Mag issue #4

Posted by Christos, 23 February 2011 · 288 views

As I promised some time ago, we have released the issue 4 of our free web based magazine. This time it features a lot of event reports, the unveilling of our new logo by Greyfox (whom we'd like to thank once again) and the usual view on the atari st scene and community. Also work has started on our 5th issue with some surprises. Hopefully I'll be...

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