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Occasionally I get in a weird mood and just think F*ck it, I will just stick to arcade games in MAME for all my gaming needs. :p
Jan 13 2018 1:55 AM
  • RJ's Photo
    Yep it's cool. 2600, DS, & my arcade games for me.
    Jan 13 2018 4:33 AM
  • Flojomojo's Photo
    If I could let go of the past and my childish hoarding, I'd realize that iOS has all I "need" for game-type stimulation.
    Jan 13 2018 7:14 AM
  • MrMaddog's Photo
    With the way the modern gaming scene has become lately, I wish I had a "time machine" that played 80's/90's games. Hence why I'm trying to build my emulation collection with little spare time I have...
    Jan 13 2018 10:46 AM