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    this is a dumb question, prolly, but i was thinking of the NES and Tengen- would it be possible to add the necessary chip(s) to the cart itself and have it work in a 2.2?
    Oct 12 2018 5:24 AM
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    It was /technically/ possible, and in fact Parker Brothers did so (I'm not sure if they were licensed). But the cost was prohibitive. The chips were not just a reset circuit like the NES, they were actual memory chips, including both ROM and multiplexed address bus with auto-increment. Creating a simulation circuit took a half dozen chips, meaning an ASIC was the only mass-production friendly way to go... and building that is pricey. The PB was designed as a generic startup that asked...
    Oct 12 2018 2:41 PM
  • Tursi's Photo
    (would be nice if this thing warned you that you were hitting the limit)... PB asked number of players, then jumped to the ROM-based game. (In theory - I never took one apart to verify the story). I think Atari was just disgusted by the experience, didn't see the TI market as big enough to fight for, and walked away. After the 2.2 there was only a year or so till the end of the 4A.
    Oct 12 2018 2:42 PM