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Can't wait to hear about all the imminent Retron77 firmware updates. Typical of today: updates that "fix" one thing, while breaking several others. You guys and gals have fun with that! I'll *still* be enjoying the real thing.
Jul 12 2018 7:35 PM
  • 80s_Atari_Guy's Photo
    Great post, Save.
    I'll also be sticking with the real deal, rather than the Rectum77.
    Jul 13 2018 5:20 AM
  • save2600's Photo
    cumming soon to an orifice near you... the Reemer69! They've had 41 years to get it right, but you don't care and neither do they. Latest model will include a special port hole for firmware updates - in all their glory. Will be named the Glory Port Hole and become the new industry standard for people with low standards. lol
    Jul 13 2018 6:18 AM
  • 80s_Atari_Guy's Photo
    Don't forget HDMI.
    It will come with not 1, not 3, but 7 HDMI ports, just to be sure.
    And 8k, upscaling, with 64x AA, and 128x AF.
    And everyone's popular, but never wanted shader, chromatic aberration. And bloom, more bloom than the sun.
    Yes folks, the Rectum77, will have everyone bending over and taking it up the rectum.
    Jul 13 2018 6:24 AM