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Blizzard 2019 Update: 4" and still raging
Mar 13 2019 10:53 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Damn! Haven't had power go out, but huge drift in my driveway...I wonder if I'll be back to work before Tuesday? (We're closed SUN/MON)...
    Mar 13 2019 6:39 PM
  • Machine's Photo
    Over 1200 people trapped in cars on side of roads in Colorado. National Gaurd called out to help rescue people. Spent 2 hours trying to snow blow/plow but wind keeps blowing it back faster than I can work. I give up til tomorrow.

    Mar 13 2019 8:28 PM
  • Machine's Photo
    So 97mph winds recorded today. I am amazed a tree didn't come down on the house. We havent really had a winter for 5 years, so this is long overdue!
    Mar 13 2019 9:09 PM