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How many of you actually count your games? Like you know exactly how many you have?
Jul 12 2018 8:16 AM
  • thanatos's Photo
    I cringe at the thought of even attempting that.
    Jul 12 2018 1:55 PM
  • travistouchdown's Photo
    Haven't counted in years. It would take a full day, i'm guessing 800-1500
    Jul 12 2018 2:44 PM
  • Eltigro's Photo
    I asked, because, I keep seeing posts (not necessarily here) where people are like, "My collection, over 2000 games" or whatever. I've just never cared enough to actually count them. I don't have as many as most people, and could easily sit down and count in less than 15 min, but have just never have. I don't think I've known exactly how many games I had since the mid 90s. Maybe I'll do it tonight just to see.
    Jul 13 2018 7:26 AM